Volkswagon to change cheater software

Honest software to replace cheater software.

Computers do not lie. So we are told. Here is an example demonstrating exactly opposite. Computer does what it is instructed to do. It has no notions of true or false or right or wrong. In this era of mass management of businesses, not just logistics, this event is a landmark to ponder over possibilities of mass deception by computers rather through computers. Blindly trusting results produced by computer without cross checking with human test must be deprecated. It must be mandatorily carried out frequently on random sample. When I say this I am not talking about emission control only. What if similar boosting effect is applied in a computer used in medical diagnostics?

Coming back to Volkswagen, does replacing the software solve the problem? Why cheater software was installed in the first place?

The obvious answer to second question is: because the vehicle did not meet emission norms, cheater software was installed. This begs the first question and answer would be emphatic NO. Continue reading