What is love?

Enigma of love!

Love is certainly an enigma but for those who fell out of it and those who have yet to test it. The question posed above has been addressed by poets, writers, philosophers and perhaps by psychologists for centuries if not millennium. Some Sanskrit love stories date back to 400AD. So what is this phenomenon called love? Above all, why is it so transient?

Love and affection:

The expression of love has many dimensions. It can be motherly affection, parental affection, affection of a beloved or romantic love or could be a materialistic expression such as I love my car or I love this phone. The expression is also used to emphasise activities such as I love blogging, I love painting or I love to play Golf.
I am sure if any one is reading it this far, s/he is likely to say that I am confusing the matter by joining different emotions or states of mind. Continue reading