Chinese Corona Wuhan Virus entering third stage of community transmission in India

After Janta Curfew it is lockdown:

Today 22 March 2020 witnessed a voluntary curfew across India which was unusually successful as people stayed behind doors. In the past when police used to enforce the curfew people would often come out in the inner lanes to gossip. But today it was an absolute curfew. Nobody could be seen on roads anywhere in India. The kind of discipline people have shown is really amazing. Total curfew without any policeman around except at usual pickets.

Now to prevent the spread of infection of Corona virus, various state governments of the country have announced lockdown in 75 districts from tomorrow, on the advice of the Union (central) government. These are the 75 districts where the highest number of corona virus positive patients have been found or deaths due to corona in these districts.

So far, 354 cases of corona virus have been reported in India. So far, 7 deaths have occurred in the country, including the death of two people on Sunday.

Uttar Pradesh:

Treatment of Corona Virus in India

Recently a couple was discovered to be suffering from Corona Virus in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

During the treatment of corona infected patients, there are indications that some medicines used in the treatment of HIV are working well on patients with corona.

Lopinavir and ritonavir (HIV) Drugs.

Lopinavir and ritonavir combination drugs were used in the treatment of the couple who came to India from Italy. The couple were found infected with the corona virus in Jaipur and according to the Indian Council of Medical Research, the health of the couple has improved significantly after 14 days of treatment.