Can the World Change?

‘World is not a perfect place’ is an understatement which can come not only from rich and effluent all over the world but also from middle class, comfortably settled in jobs, meals, sex and shelter without any apparent threat to most of it. Unaware of strife the billions suffering as subjects/citizens/guinea-pigs in a variety of situations. Most of educated people are unaware that presently one-third of land in the world is an active war zone. We live in comfort of ignorance shielded by our possessions and occupations, which may also include traveling to safe places. The last activity reinforcing the ‘belief’ of world being ‘just far enough’ from being perfect. This perception hardly requires any change in the world. But to those minuscule minority who can see and understand the way world is; the question of change is an inevitable reflection. Can the World change? Continue reading

Happy New Year 2013

Calendar is a fiction. But we believe in it and we claim to live according to this calender. The Calendar says that time has changed. Have we changed? Or we are too busy resisting the change? Change is the way of life but change for the sake of it lands us in trouble.

Let’s make no resolution for change this year. Let us live without resolution for change but without any hidden resolution to resist the change. We shall be there to notice every change. Let life play itself to the full.

Happy New Year 2013.

॥ॐ॥सुख एवं शान्ति की मंगलकामनाओं के साथ आप एवं आप के परिजनोँ को नये स!ल 2013 की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं॥ॐ॥.