New Year 2013 celebrations in New Delhi

A deserted pathway.

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Year 2012 seems to be an year of grief. It ended with sorrow. Last night was the first new year night in my life when no music was played in the neighborhood. No dance party was heard or seen in New Delhi. No terrace party! The terrace parties needed no excuse. Fire crackers were heard from distance but not of the normal scale. It is not that people may not have had celebrated a little, indoors, but the usual flair was not known. Living in Central Delhi for over two decades, this was no celebration. No usual road side music and dance in Tents with booze, except by a few known dumb heads. No late night fight over loud music. This is not the Indian way. Was it grief, compassion, sorrow, solidarity or fear? May be all of it.
Clubs and Discos were real casualty. With most girls refusing to go out, it was a grim and expensive affair for boys. Was safety a concern or another form of protest, is yet to be seen.
This silence is unequivocal and deafening. Is this the lull before storm or after the storm?

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My Birthday and other’s problem remembering it!


Happy birthday to me!

This is the email I received this morning from an old friend:


Please click on the link below and enter your birthday into my calendar.
It’s quick, easy, and you’ll be helping me out.

After this a link was given. Now we do not meet that frequently and it has become a problem to remember the relationship. This was my reply:

Dear friend

I celebrate my birthday at least 370 days in a year, which means sometime celebration is twice a day. You can congratulate me whenever you like.

Being alive is a celebration at all the times.Why bother about a date? To restrict it to one day is not proper. Do we actually celebrate it every day?