Canada is now officially hostile to India

There are reports in the media that NIA, ED and other departments have unearthed a route of funding of Khalistani Separatists from Canada and they have started to crack-down on them. Some of this money is routed through trade channels and some through usual hawala route.

As if this, Canada nationals financing separatists in India, was not enough, here is another bad news leak for Canada exposing Justin Trudeau’s foreign policy openly hostile to India:

Trudeau can not explain that he is an idiot who did not understand as to why China was interested to learn winter warfare. The engagement of Chinese Army with India in the mountains is a old news and all he could do was to search on google and Doklam stand off would have appeared on his mobile screen in a minute. The truth is Canada is hostile towards India.

The Rebel News also published following 34 page documents in support of the allegation:

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