Blood diamonds and ignorant greed

Possessions are not important. The fulfillment of desire to possess is so important that we are, at times not even aware as to what we possess. See:

Naomi was ordered to give evidence after Mia Farrow alleged that representatives of Taylor gave the supermodel a diamond in the dead of night in 1997, after theyd all been guests of Nelson Mandela at some charity dinner in South Africa. Despite earlier denials, the supermodel today conceded that she had been given a few “dirty looking pebbles” in this manner – and news outlets streamed every ruddy word. If you wished to distil the entire apocalypse-hastening event into a single exchange, it would probably be the following. Declaring she and Taylor had met only once, Naomi attempted a winningly self-deprecating smile and told the court: “Id actually never heard of Liberia at that time. (via Naomi Campbell, blood diamonds and a media feeding frenzy.)

Thanks bro. (swamijee) Me need no diamonds.

BTW Blood Diamonds are not made of blood but from violence of greed even though it is given a respectable name Civil War there was nothing civil about it. It was about greed and domination.