The night China lost Spanggur Lake heights to India.

The Tibet and Aksai Chin Story:

India and China were not neighbours. They had a buffer State between them called Tibet. China illegally occupied Tibet and also East Turkmenistan (now renamed Xinjiang). To connect these two territories it built a road on an Area which belonged to India called Aksai Chin. Eventually China gobbled up entire Aksai Chin. Then Prime Minister Nehru refused to use Air force to throw China out, for the reasons known to Nehru only.

Fast Forward to 1993 when India China signed an agreement not to use fire arms or explosives within 2 kilometres of the “Line of Actual Control”. The stupidity here was that line of actual control is not laid out on any map and signed by both parties. The same treaty was repeated several times and objection of the army to define Line of Actual Control was ignored. We know the reason why it happened between 2004 to 2014 and who was acting as China’s ally here.

Initially India believed that like Doklam where China after showing aggression for 73 days went back, it will retreat. India repulsed the provocation. Read here about it. But India decided that China must be given a taste of it’s own medicine. The medicine of deceit and aggression.

In 1962 or so China had occupied the area shown below in the map as Helmet Top and Black Top but China was not maintaining physical presence. See below map, this area is Spangur Tso (Lake), an area south of Pangong Tso and east of Chushul.

This area provided tactical dominance and strategic advantages. The heights are named Black Top, Helmet, Magar and Gurung Hills stretching right up to Rezang La etc. On the night of 29th August the Indian Army took over Helmet Top and Black Top Area in time period of 120 minutes long before Chinese Army could reach these tops though it started early. Here is the story:

Past midnight Indian Army was warned of troop movement of Chinese Army with about 500 troops. Under the cover of darkness it wanted to reach the Black top and helmet Top which was technically in it’s possession but it was not physically present there.

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