Blackberry OS 10: An admission of guilt and punishment to loyalty.

Blackberry OS 10:

Blackberry has finally come out with a survival plan. A new OS 10. New models of phones Z10 and Q10. I wonder what the alphabet stand for. Perhaps Z for ‘Last’ attempt at touchscreen type OS. While Q may stand for ‘Question mark’ on continuing with qwerty keyboard.
Many good reviews are already on the net which give detail review of features of OS. Here is a review from the perspective of a consumer called upon to decide if it is a time to shift his loyalty away from Blackberry.
OS 10 is based on QNX which is a Unix like OS. It is the same platform on which all the previous touch devices of Blackberry were based. Take a look: Continue reading

Installing HudeeMail/Shangmail on Blackberry

Step by step guide to installing pushmail on Blackberry without official BIS or BES:

Warning (added on 1st June 2013): This post is deprecated as website and its pushmail service has stopped working for past several years.

An adventure with BlackBerry;

First a clarification: is the Chinese website and is the English website. Both seem to be related. Hudeemail provides a third party solution or alternative to official Blackberry pushmail. Hudeemail is free and is supported by Advertisements displayed over the emails. Most Ads are irritating. That is the mental price we have to pay.


1. Blackberry phone with TCP-IP through APN or wifi.
(If this is beyond understanding, try to solve this mystery first or go ahead just try)
2. Little understanding.

Retrieving the installation packages

We require three packages:

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Is Blackberry Mail app hacked by HudeeMail/ShangMail?

A new BB hack?

It appears BlackBerry lock on its messaging app for Email has been broken, hacked or compromised.
BlackBerry push mail is available only if it’s BlackBerry Internet Services (BIS) is subscribed. Of course that entails monthly charges other than TCP-IP browsing charges. If BIS is not subscribed the option is to install third party IMAP mail client like LogicMail. But it is not push mail. It consumes more battery. The only other option is Hudee Mail which is International face of Chinese mail service ShangMail.


Now HudeeMail claims that it provides push mail from its own servers. But its website provides neither any ‘Log In’ nor any mail box. Registration is from mobile and is unrealistically simple. Enter any user name and enter your chosen password twice. That’s it. After registration add mail boxes like Gmail or Yahoo and you start receiving your mail in BB mail client box.
The best part is that I activated the service on 31st May 2012, 20 days after I had purchased this BB handset. In the middle of night at 3.00 AM, I received a message that BIS is being activated on my phone which was actually done at 3 PM. When I enquired, was told that it is free for 3-4 months as part of some scheme. But Vodafone (India) has no such scheme on its website.
In HudeeMail I had used different account. I set up my regular email account in BB client. Received a message and upon reply it went out by other HudeeMail Account. Problem was corrected after HudeeMail was un-installed.
Similarly after BIS or BES connectivity was activated, installing Hudeemail disabled the existing mailboxes. Then we can use only HudeeMail configured Mail Boxes only. Nothing short of un-installing HudeeMail, solves the Problem. This also shows that HudeeMail tweaks the OS or MailBox settings to work its way.
However from above it appears’ HudeeMail is some trick patch/app and not an independent mail service. BB is buying time to remedy it.

Curse of history:

History tells as that when prisoners become self-reliant they were accepted as independent nation. Will BlackBerry accept?
Let us wait and see.

© Sandeep Bhalla

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Vodafone & BlackBerry

While I am struck with one hand only (left is injured and in a cast), vodafone has come up with this weird sense of humor. It has activated Blackberry Connect services on my phone. They sent a text message in the middle of night and activated it in afternoon. I am told that it is a free offer for 3-4 months.
I am using this BlackBerry 9220 for last 20 days without BIS or BlackBerry Connect and now these people are trying to tempt.
Until now contacts and Calendar were sync with google. Push mail by hudeemail and imap by logicmail. Text messaging is not my frequent activity, so BBM is useless. After having found all these third party solutions, the offer for BlackBerry Connect was superfluous. But this forced activation has created a new problem. Overnight my contacts have been multiplied by seven. Yesterday night the multiplication was three times. Calendar entries are doubled.
Vodafone helpline tells me to visit BB showroom and I could only chuckle. This is how these corporate thugs work.
In the era of door delivery they do not have helpline no of BB inspite the fact that BlackBerry intends to charge some amount every month through its BlackBerry Connect services. They do have a helpline no 55666 for corporate clients not for individuals. This helpline did admit they can tell about problems in device sync but they have no data of individuals.
BlackBerry people really need to connect to reality. In this time of recession if a car dealer is called up he will door deliver the car any time you want. Same goes for servicing. Free pickup for free service as well. One brand of car is being sold with free maintenance (including denting painting) for three years. But BlackBerry is still living in euphoria of its lost monopolistic kingdom. Its sails are down and water is filling it its ship but it can not see the hole or the sails.
It should either give up individual customers or treat them with respect. If you failed to do this consumers will speak and that would conclude your fate.

(c) Sandeep Bhalla

Typing errors in this post may be attributed to BlackBerry.