China has it’s soft belly in Indian Ocean.

China wants War with India (Part 9)

Mirror mirror on the wall, Who is the most fearsome of all.

The Chinese army has disengaged from Tibet-Ladakh border and the process will continue from both ends, and de-escalation between Indo-China armies may also start soon. Meanwhile two of USA’s Aircraft Carriers are exercising in South-China Sea. Have you ever wondered what is the issue there? Even more interesting is the reason how it is connected to India?

South China Sea Dispute

China has many maritime neighbours like Japan, Philippines, Brunei, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and many others and not to forget Taiwan which it claims as part of it’s own territory. Every country has right over it’s land and12 nautical miles into the sea from where it’s sea shore, ends. It is more complicated than that and read here for complicated version. Beyond that, the water is common to all for navigation. In 2013 China started to build/expand Spratly Islands and the Parcel Islands in this area called South China sea. Thereby it sought to extend its 12 nautical miles limit to be counted from the islands, rather than it’s sea shore. That is the shortest version of the South China Sea dispute. Needless to add that no country in the region agrees with this interpretation. But first we need to delve into history of India for a while.

Partition of India in 1947 and before

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