Need to become somebody, extraordinary!

Fallen-treeThe desire to become extraordinary is a very ordinary desire, common to all people. The question which struck me was how it started and why can’t we let go off it?
In another springs like this, it dawned on me that the competitive spirit to run better than you next friend is inculcated in us from childhood. All Kinder Gardens are military training camps. (Click on last sentence to read more about it.) Thus from childhood we are trained to run, to do better, to compete, to be superior, to excel. (Whatever that means because it varies from person to person.) Continue reading

Soldier of Ambition and wounded living!

Dangers of ambition.

Ambition is the most dangerous element which makes the human the most beastly of the beasts. Greed is another facet of ambition. So what the label ambition define? To put it in most simplest terms, ambition is a desire to become! To become somebody. To become extraordinary. To be bowed by others. To be spiritual or near to divine or God. To have certain possessions or to live life in a certain pattern. To live life like a billionaire or the way certain celebrity lived. The last one hinges on extreme idiocy as well, for nobody knows the state of happiness of celebrity till they are discovered in rehab or dead from suicide.

Desire to be extra-ordinary.

This desire to be extra-ordinary seems to be most ordinary desire of most of us. Continue reading

Courageous News Readers

News readers, who open newspapers in the morning are a courageous lot. It really take lots of guts to read news items like these:

Gurgaon: Meghalaya CM’s niece found dead

Mumbai: Blisters on skin drives man to suicide

Rajasthan: Girl commits suicide after harassment

Gurgaon: Man murders wife, daughters, kills self

Simran Sood behind model Viveka Babajee’s suicide?

Chennai: Student kills self over cheating claim

Raj: 20-yr-old girl commits suicide after harassment

Chennai: 1 student suicide each week this year

Stress kills another Anna University student

Woman forced into prostitution by husband ends life.


I know about many of my friends who have devised ways to deal with it. Some would open the sports channel first. Some will read the financial page and revert to other news in the evening. No doubt the newspapers are filled with superfluous activities or frivolous actions as News. For me, I discontinued the newspapers about three years ago. A habit which had continued for several decades and I do not regret it. But it is no solution. If only we discriminate between the need of the body and the ambition of mind, there would be less grievances from life and people. Even lesser repentance for our actions, if there is such a thing.