Why BJP lost New Delhi Elections 2015 to let AAP have landslide victory.

Rout of opposition in Delhi Elections:

As per expectations, Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party won the Delhi elections and routed all other parties. The latter was a shock. Out of 70 total assembly seats AAP has won 67 seats remaining three being BJP 2 and SAD 1 seat. The projected Chief Ministerial candidate of BJP also lost. Everything went wrong for congress which lost it’s all seats. What made this happen? Right answer is almost obvious but is missed by politicians. Continue reading

Happy New Year, 2015

नव वर्ष मगंलमय हो़।

May the New Year brings good fortune.

Above is the literal translation of the greeting made in Hindi, above.

Fortune is a b***h. It is always found at wrong places. When it is with us we almost fail to notice except on the last day when dice fail to fall in our favour.


The last year was not so good. So many airplanes falling into sea. So many macabre killings in the name of holy wars. So many children dying without even knowing the reason for their mass murder. Human trafficking on a rampage. Pedophiles and rapists on loose.  Human organs being sold like vegetables. Womb for hire, nitrogen tombs for hire. More and more junkies. What has changed in all these years?

Seeing all the tragedies around, it appears the fortune was with all the people who survived the year 2014. Keep it up. Stay out of trouble. Once again Happy New Year, 2015.

May the coming year bring hopes back. Hope for humanity to prevail upon human beings.