Humans like all creatures are part of the Universe. But before that they are part of this earth. Our first relationship is with mother and next with mother nature. For some reasons, especially education which is of military nature, we isolate ourselves. At the end of education we feel cheated with limitations of education. We choose careers against our liking or inclination and live in conflict. Our relationships suffer at the altar of ambitions and the vanity attached thereto. Money brings more money and more sensations. We, never content with ourselves are always in motion to achieve something. As a passenger on train called ambition, we meet people but they are also chasing some destination. Meetings which could turn into vibrant relationships of trust, companionship and communion turns into encounters of greed, competition and opportunism. Mind supports us to the hilt but can not bear for ever and with age devolves. In dementia or Alzheimer, we withdraw our consciousness from this world with regret. A life un-lived and un-understood. Can we do something about it. Now. Taking a cue from others’ mistake? Read such stories here and here .

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