Demonetisation of High Denomination Indian Currency in 2016

Demonetization revisited India after 38 years. The large denominations of old currency has been disowned with a window period to exchange it with new currency within 50 days from any bank and thereafter from Reserve Bank in another 3 months. The secrecy of the plan and sudden announcement may make it success. Though doubts are raised that Indian Jugaad may hurt the objective. But there are other questions as well e.g. Would it eliminate black money?

What is the objective?

In short it is a soft reboot of economy by replacing entire cash in circulation with new one. But the implication is that person holding the cash would have to come forward to deposit it with disclosure of his identity. Thus a person having huge amount in cash would in turn have to explain, how s/he earned it.

For ordinary people who are regularly paying taxes and filing income tax returns, this is a mere formality but those who live off the radar, this is a serious trap.

There are groups of smugglers, Mafia thugs, politicians who have rooms full of currency notes for their operations. They are the real target of this operation. Of course neighbour Pakistan churning counterfeit currency is also the target.

But this exercise was undertaken in 1978 and it was a failure. What makes it work this time?

Why demonetization failed in 1978?

In 1978 Morarji Desai was prime minister as the leader of all opposition alliance called Janta Party. Morarji Desai was an upright man who had remained in Congress until Indira Gandhi made it impossible. Congress party has an illogical bias in favour of legislations. So did the Morarji Desai. They thought that legislation’s have Divine force and executive order is evil. There is no other reason to explain it. Hence Morarji Desai used an Ordinance to declare withdrawal of high denomination notes and in the process too many people had advance knowledge of the move. Continue reading


Happy Diwali 2017


असतो मा सद्गमय 

तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय 

मृत्योर् मा अमृतं गमय 

शांति शांति शांति.

(Om, Lead us from Unreality (of Transitory Existence) to the Reality (of the Eternal Self), Lead us from the Darkness (of Ignorance) to the Light (of Spiritual Knowledge), Lead us from the Fear of Death to the Knowledge of Immortality. Om Peace, Peace, Peace.)

Happy New Year 2073 (Vikrami Samvat)

Company Law in India

Company Law has a long history. Company like institutions in India, date back roughly to 800 BCE but certainly during Mouryan Empire (322 BCE to 185 BCE). Of course the corporations were also in existence during Roman times. The company law under British Rule evolved with company law in rest of the common wealth countries.


The book on Company Law:

Corporate law in India is no less complex than any other country governed by Anglo Saxon laws. Parliament of India has enacted a new law called Companies Act, 2013 which has consolidated many previous laws into one code. It also recognizes many institutions which were in existence but were not recognized by previous law of 1956. Continue reading

Facing terrorism called Islamic Jihad.

Supremacist conflict or paranoia.

Death to kafir is the massage to every single person who does not follow Islam is in “kufr” or ” Sin”. Those folloing Islam are superior people if not race. Democratically elected Govt. cannot determine what is right or wrong. The correct word in Persian is Halal & Haram which can only be deterrmined by Allah. The last sentence is a near reproduction of the words used by ISIS or Daesh* commander in an interview. Thus the only option for non-Islamic people or not following correct version of Islam is but to convert to Wahabi-Sunni-Islam or die.

Are all the above expressions exaggerated.?

Is it a paranoid version of a Non-Islamic person?

Unfortunately the above stanza is buildup with the word spoken, written, conveyed or preached by Terrorists, Leaders and Preachers. Continue reading

Living happens when conspiracy ends. 

Conspiracy is a serious word but it is most appropriate. If you are uncomfortable you may use planning but that is physical preparation. Conspiracy is state of mind to manipulate by any means necessary.  Most of the time we are involved in conspiracy. Difficult to pinpoint when it starts. May be attempt to cheat in a game in Kinder Garden was first conspiracy. Something on social media inspired me to write following:

ईंसान:   समय की प्रत्यचां पर उछलने वाले बिचारे इंसान को ज़िन्दगी को खेल समझते हुए भी, ज़िन्दगी को एक षड्यंत्र में बदल कर बड़ी ख़ुशी महसूस करते है यध्धपि षड्यंत्र किसी के भी नियंत्रण मे ज़्यादा देर नहीं रहते ।

Above would nearly translate in English as under:

Human:   Tied to the fate, human do realise that the life is a play, yet they feel pleasure in converting into a conspiracy even though no conspiracy remains in anybody’s control for long.

Thus living becomes a long chain of planning, deception, manipulation and conspiracies. Newer and newer ideas are invented everyday to achieve desires or rather to chase thoughts we call ideas. How-so-ever small that desire may be.

Example of a smallest conspiracy:

Continue reading