WordPress two way authentiction problem

For last two days I was locked out of WordPress on my mobile and other devices after I enabled two-way authentication, as was suggested by its message on Dashboard. Perhaps it has some bug there. Only today when I logged in from usual machine, it asked for ‘Google Validator’ code and there was no problem in logging in. At first opportunity, I have disabled the feature because as stated above, none of mobile devices were able to log in for last two days.
It appears that while two way aauthentication is a good feature and now a standard feature used on credit cards but on word-press it still need to be fine tuned so as not to disable mobile devices.
BTW, I had used the ‘Google Validator’ for the first time and it looked like magic. Randomly generating number after number. Let’s see and watch, how things pan out.


Scratch my back

Virtual reality Français : Réalité virtuelle

Social Net Working and Blogging

We are living in a world where rule is: ‘you scratch my back and I will scratch yours’. I have always believed that, in human civilization, there  always was a distance between the traders and intellectuals. The former always bending rules to accumulate more and the latter, in pursuit of intellectual curiosity, unconcerned with the former’s activity. The net or virtual reality should be no different. The commercial sites may play all kinds of tricks to have more foot fall but a blogging site should remain irrelevant to the foot fall. The face book culture of liking your stuff without even reading it, is rather adolescent. It matters not if somebody like my point of view or not. It matters more if some body points out if I am misdirected.


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