Blogging self hosting: what does 99.9% uptime means?

What is the meaning of 99.9% guaranteed up-time?

Guaranteed up-time is a usual norm in providing web hosting. Almost every vendor of hosting services guarantee 99.9% up-time. Some even offer less. What it means to be in real terms. These are the calculations.

99.9% in hours means 61258.68 hours guaranteed up-time.

(calculated by this formula= 24*7*365*99.9/100)

61.32 hours permissible downtime in a year

(calculated by this formula= 24*7*365*0.1/100)

3679.2 minutes permissible downtime in a year

(calculated by this formula=24*7*365*60*0.1/100)

Therefore the average daily permissible down time is about ten minutes daily or 10.08 minutes to be exact. This is calculated by dividing 3679.2 with 365.

Obviously it will be slightly less in a leap year which would be 10.0524590164.
minutes per day.

The conclusion is that a downtime of thirty minutes every three days is already written in 99.9%. So next time your website is down, checkup with these calculation for the hosts are not bothered with your concern.
BTW if you have wordpress jet pack installed, it keeps you informed about downtime and uptime by email, every time a website is down and and again when it is up.



Hacked by Triple Defacer

Another Crisis: Hacked by Triple Defacer.

Hacked  by Triple DefacerBlogging and self hosting is such a pain at all the wrong places. It becomes worst if the Host offering vps is new or inexperienced. GIC Webworld appears to be such a host. But they will rank several notch above about whom I shall soon write a review. Few months back we (me and few friends) had started a legal online magazine at LawAndJustice.Asia. Since day before yesterday at night, somebody broke into the servers of my host and uploaded a script. Infact this somebody is known or proclaimed (see screen shot.) They are

Who are these people. Why they are what they are. Why violence is so important. The web is really a reflection of human mind.

This screen shot is generated from a script. Part of script is as under:

<!–DOCTYPE html>
<!– saved from url=(0026) –>
<html lang=”en-US” prefix=”og:”><head><meta http-equiv=”Content-Type” content=”text/html; charset=UTF-8″><title>Hacked By Triple Defacers</title>

var adfly_id = 5422646;

<script type=”text/javascript”>
var adfly_id = 5422646;
var adfly_advert = ‘int’;
var frequency_cap = 5;
var frequency_delay = 5;
var init_delay = 3;
var popunder = true;

Now the interesting part is to find location of this script. Where it is?

Searching “Hacked by Triple defacer” on Google reveals that numerous websites (some working fine) have these words in their header or somewhere including the above one but we and our host are not able to find it’s location.

The option they suggest is to re-install. But that is no solution. If there is a vulnerability, it must be addressed first. May be I should, not only re-install but also relocate it!

I am very much tempted to re-install the whole thing but they can do it again. Or may be the problem may be somewhere else because serving host is naïve and his suggestion is a mere speculation. Until they actually find the problem, it just an educated guess.

Surprising thing is that wp install is perfectly fine. Word fence detected the changes I had made in one file but except that there is nothing to detect. iTheme is the other security and it reported nothing.

Any help out there? Waiting for some good Samaritan.

There is one thing I did change. Anonymous ftp account is open by default. I do not know why? I have unchecked it and now doing a fresh install. Let us see, what happens.

Migrating from cPanel to plesk

Another crises: Migration from cPanel to plesk.

It is a real pain to migrate from cPanel to Plesk. The documentation is imperfect if not vague. Migration tool is not present. Since yesterday, my new Host of (subsidiary or associate of Unlimited Web Hosting of UK) are toiling with the issue of migration. But the fact that these professional people have to undergo so much processing, proves my point. I did not know that it would be so much difficult.

Anyone out there, beware before migrating from cPanel to Plesk or may be vice versa, it is long road which may lead to a dead-end. At least for the few.

The new site at is up but not running. It displays a page but no link is working.

GPT partition, no bootable disk, Grub error

Grub bootloader not recognised by old Bios.

Installation of grub 2:

Grub 2 was installed on a 500 GB hard disk with separate home and swap partitions. In the beginning a small partition was left with grub_boot flag to be used by grub for booting. The installation was LinuxMint 15 Olivia. The hard disk was partitioned with GPT and had hybrid MBR table as well. The system return the message ‘No bootable disk’ and refused to boot.

An old machine:

This machine was an old 1.4 gz, core 2 duo Intel, of last decade but in surprisingly immaculate condition.

There was no problem in booting from live CD/USB. Continue reading

Iphone 5: A dangerous security risk.

Iphone 5 black.

Iphone 5.

Gross data insecurity in iPhone.

And you thought your expensive iPhone is secured?

You were entirely wrong. What is secured is the operating system but not the data or at least not the entire data.

Here it was. A sleek black iPhone 5 with OS 6.1.3 gifted to me by a friend who had fallen in love with her iPhone due to its simplicity and ease in use. With usual scepticism for all expensive gadgets I started using it and the smoothness of operations even with all apps running, was most impressive. There was no lag in the camera shutter. Pictures had far more depth and details than expected. Most apps similar to Android were available and certainly far more than Blackberry. Fonts are sharp, even if smaller. No usual ruggedness of Android. But that was end of it.

iPhone data especially camera pictures vulnerable:

Continue reading