Journey of BJP in last 39 years

Formation of BJP:

Bhartiya Janata Party was founded in April 1980, after collapse of Janata Party, which was an all party front created by all parties to fight Indira Congress in 1977.

The first election it fought was in 1984 and it won just two members of parliament.

BJP 2019:

From just two seats in Lok Sabha in 1984 to winning two back-to-back majority in general elections, the BJP now firmly occupies the position of dominance that the Congress once held. The 300+ seats BJP has won in 2019 is the saffron party’s highest ever Lok Sabha tally. It had won 282 seats in 2014. The saffron map of BJP in 2019:

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How media plays mind games?

Media stopped being journalism. A long time ago. Now it is a propaganda machine for hire. But it works in such a subtle way that you can’t easily discern as to how it is working. Look at this short politoon (political cartoon):

Notice the characters. The inspiration is from the 1970’s movies of Amitabh Bachchon. But look at the portrayal.

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