Rhea Chakraborty sends the message to cadres.

The drugs angle may have appeared yesterday in the investigation into murder of Sushant Singh Rajput but the matter was proceeding on these lines for a week. Many couriers aka dealers were picked up from Thane, Pune and Mumbai in the week earlier and I had pointed it out yesterday hinting that now it is a fight of Center and DALDA.

Rhea appears on Television:

Rhea Chakraborty

Yesterday when Rhea appeared on television in a convenient arrangement with an interviewer who hangs his loyality on his sleeves, it had a purpose. The purpose was to send message to the cadres of DALDA.

The media trial has a reason:

The media trial started when a Minister stated on television and informed that it is a case of suicide. Later the ruling party Shiv Sena called it suicide in its website. It continued when Police leaked photoshopped pictures of dead body of Sushant Singh Rajput.

When ED/CBI came into picture it used the same stretegy to send shivers down the spine of cadres of DALDA by releasing a whatsapp chat that took place in 2017.

Now this was almost a revelation that every person who was involved in Drug trade in Maharashtra is vulnerable and under the watch. The object was to enlist somebody who was willing to become an approver. Now it was the turn of the DALDA.

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Sushant Singh Rajput investigation hits drug Dalda.

Mumbai and crime connection.

Mumbai is not just home of Hindi Cinema but also crime especially the high end drugs. While it makes movies like “Flying Punjab” to show drug problem in Punjab but it simply ignores the massive drug problems in Mumbai’s high society which involve high end drugs like cocaine and MDMA etc.

The connection of Politicians, drug mafia and Islamist operating from Pakistan was discovered by Vohra Committee appointed in the aftermath of 1993 Mumbai Bomb blasts. More can be read about this nexus in my book on Corruption in India here.

Sushant’s family lawyer had already questioned the autopsy report and had claimed that it is “pretty disturbing that the report says nothing was found in the stomach.” The cover-up by police and doctors is so obvious. But who managed all this?

Let’s call the kingpin of this Mafia as DALDA.

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Where Rahul Gandhi and Congress party are going?

With 44 seats in Parliament in 2014, the Congress Party today has 52 seats in Parliament after the election of 2019 which was fought under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi as it’s President. After election Rahul resigned and as a family party mother of Rahul became interim President. Presently the spin off is being created to make Rahul President again. The question which no one is answering is:

Where the Congress Party is headed in future?

Predicting future is not any easy business but that is what every professional is supposed to do. A lawyer tells a client what he is supposed to do to avoid a possible future. A doctor tells a patient what to do do to postpone certain death, as long as possible. My point is that it is not the astrologers who grapple with problem of predicting the future. All professions do it all the time. So how they do it?

Professionals other than astrologers tell future on the basis of history. Since I consider myself as in-adept in most of the field especially marketing and politics, I borrow these words of a successful entrepreneur and marketeer who founded and sold PayPal, who explained a fundamental principle of marketing:

Like acting, sales works best when hidden. This explains why almost everyone whose job involves distribution—whether they’re in sales, marketing, or advertising—has a job title that has nothing to do with those things. People who sell advertising are called “account executives.” People who sell customers work in “business development.” People who sell companies are “investment bankers.” And people who sell themselves are called “politicians.” There’s a reason for these redescriptions: none of us wants to be reminded when we’re being sold.

[Peter Thiel in Zero to One (Notes on Startup) (2014)]

This is what was expected of Rahul Gandhi in his election camapign of 2019 or before and this is what is expected of a politician. He must be able to downplay his own ambition and present himself as a “protector of the realm” something what Narendra Modi did and is doing spectacularly well. On the contrary, Rahul Gandhi was and is doing something which is very well explained by another ex CEO (of Proctor and Gamble) directly referring to Rahul Gandhi’s electoral policy in 2012, in these words:

“Middle-class Indians won some dignity when they won political independence in 1947; they gained some more when they attained economic liberty in 1991; but only now, twenty years later, have they begun to feel the full meaning of dignity after the economic rise of India…
classic division between those who look ahead and aspire versus those who look back and complain. India’s political parties still tend to cater to the second—to the victim in us—through their politics of grievance. A very few reflect the spirit of a rapidly growing India. No one thinks big, when it actually is criminal to think small in India.
…While grievance admittedly can be a powerful motivator to action, it is surprising that India’s electoral politics do not cater to the aspiring middle class.

[Gurucharn Das in IndiaGrows at Night (A Libral Case for Strong State) Penguin India]

The Congress Party was voted with 20 Crore votes in 2019 as against 37 Crore voted to BJP and this makes it a pan India force, as “Shekhar Gupta” would subtly put and argue that if these many votes can be polled to Congress in a strong wave against Congress, then this is the base vote of the Party which can not go away any time soon. Remember the same Shekhar Gupta had denied any wave in favour of BJP or against Congress during entire election campaign. At the same time, after the election campaign, candidly admitted his mistake. The point is that he can change his opinion any time soon and is not reliable source to predict future. This is unlike two gentlemen I have quoted above, who have run successful businesses and have no track record of foot in mouth like Shekhar Gupta. In fact it is the people like Gupta who who have surrounded Rahul Gandhi persuade him to do what he does. But I am not here to advice him or any body for that matter. I am here to predict the future.

What will happen to Congress in next ten years?

To answer this question we have to go back into the past and visit USA in 1800, when it’s democracy was taking roots. It was the ere of “Rubber Barons” as the crony capitalis cum robbers of state resources were then called. There was a party known as “Federalist Party”. (Read about it here https://www.history.com/topics/early-us/federalist-party as also the wikipedia) The most famous jurist, the Chief Justice Johan Marshall belonged to Fedralist Party. He had barely studied law for six weeks but he is quoted in every democracy to determine the scope of judicial review. He remained in Office for 34 years long after the Fedralist Party was gone. This is how the end of Federal Party looked like:

In the minority, Federalists at last accepted the necessity of creating a system of organized, disciplined state party organizations and adopting democratic electoral tactics. Because their greatest strength lay in Massachusetts, Connecticut and Delaware, the Federalists also assumed the aspects of a sectional minority. Ignoring ideological consistency and a traditional commitment to strong national power, they opposed Jefferson’s popular Louisiana Purchase of 1803 as too costly and threatening to northern influence in government. Largely as a result, the party continued to lose power at the national level. It carried only Connecticut, Delaware and part of Maryland against Jefferson in 1804.

Notice the words in bold. As regards the internal democracy, it has not even occurred to anybody in Congress party which is proprietary entity of a family. There are enough material about the Federalist Party, it’s corruption, it’s association with Gangsters etc. which makes it a comparable case with Congress Party of today in India. Let me quote from Wikepedia page, more similarities between the two parties:

…As time went on, the Federalists lost appeal with the average voter and were generally not equal to the tasks of party organization; hence they grew steadily weaker as the political triumphs of the Republican Party grew. For economic and philosophical reasons, the Federalists tended to be pro-British—the United States engaged in more trade with Great Britain than with any other country—and vociferously opposed Jefferson’s Embargo Act of 1807 and the seemingly deliberate provocation of war with Britain by the Madison Administration. During “Mr. Madison’s War”, as they called it, the Federalists made a temporary comeback. However, they lost all their gains and more during the patriotic euphoria that followed the war. The membership was aging rapidly, but a few young men from New England did join the cause,

Note the words in bold and substitute “China” for Britain and Congress for Federalist and read again. There are too many similarities except that Federalists were far more democratic and was not a family owned party.

The writing is on the wall for those who want to read it.

Others can blame FaceBook, Twitter or whomsoever they like.

There is one more thing. People tend to dismiss Rahul Gandhi as pappu which is utterly wrong. He is as smart, cunning and ruthless as his great grand father Jawahar Lal Nehru. Actually both of them were too dependent upon their advisors and both thought nothing about the India or the corruption. Both were ruthlessly ambitious but the Nehru got the chair of Prime Minister without fighting any election in 1946 and he was able to build an image in six years by the time elections were held in 1952. Rahul is looking for that opportunity. If you make him Prime Minister he will see that these bloopers which are viral on social media and which make him pappu, will disappear forever.

Note: The remaining squeals on Atal Bihari Vajpayee will appear soon.

Atal Bihari Vajpayee, the Prime Minister whose achievements could not be discussed in public.

Atal Bihari Vajpayee, the national hero whose heroism is yet to be made public:

The world is fighting a war and today is second death anniversary of Late Atal Bihari Vajpayee. The world does not know who started this war but we do know that our first concern is Corona Virus and second is to protect our borders. Unless you are born in this millennial or little earlier, you may not have noticed the difference. Take it from me that the stance of India is different from what it used to be. Especially from the time of Kargil war in 1999. So what changed and what Atal Bihari Vajpayee has to do with it? Everything.

If we set aside rhetoric, three leaders actually gave a direction to India. Sardar Patel set the India free from possible disintegration as was planned by British by handing over a continent size country in the hands of about 600 rules without any paramount ruler. His role is acknowledged. The second leader is 9th Prime Minister of India (between 21 June 1991 – 16 May 1996) P. V. Narasimha Rao (or Pamulaparthi Venkata Narasimha Rao) who unleashed the economic power by unyoking India’s economy from the Nehruvian Licency Raj of crony capitalism and led India to market economy. The third leader is Atal Bihari Vajpayee, a soft spoken and a poet, who did what no one could have expected of him and most of his policies are under the wraps as it is a matter o state secret. He ushered India on the path of becoming a hard military power. Of course he laid foundation of victory of BJP, in a way that nobody noticed it. This is going to be multi part article, so bear with me. It will take a few days to explain all matters. First a short biography as per website of BJP:

Atal Bihari Vajpayee, the overview:

Born on December 25, 1924, in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh to Shri Krishna Bihari Vajpayee and Smt. Krishna Devi, Shri Vajpayee brings with him a long parliamentary experience spanning over four decades.

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Independence Day 15th August 2020: Prime Minister addresses the nation.

Today is 74th Independence Day of India.

Prime Minister saluting the Flag of India

Here is the full text of English translation of address of Prime Minister of India delivered on the Independence Day:

My dear countrymen,

Congratulations and many best wishes to all the countrymen on this auspicious occasion of independence.

Today, we are able to live in an independent India because of the sacrifices of millions of sons and daughters of Mother India. This is an occasion to pay tribute to the freedom fighters, martyrs and brave souls and their spirit and dedication to free Mother India.

The valiant soldiers of our armed forces, our paramilitary forces, our police personnel and our security forces- everyone is engaged in protecting Mother India. They are engaged in safeguarding the common man. Today is the day to remember their sacrifices and penance sincerely and wholeheartedly.

There is another name: Aurobindo Ghose. Today is the birth anniversary of Aurobindo Ghose, who tread the path from being a revolutionary to spirituality. Let us seek his blessings so that we can fulfil his as well as our vision.

We are passing through an extraordinary situation. Today, children- the bright future of India- are not in front of me. Why? It is because Corona has stopped everyone. In this period of corona, I salute millions of corona warriors- doctors, nurses, sanitation workers, ambulance drivers and so on-who all should I count.

I salute all the corona warriors, who for a long time have adhered to the mantra of ‘सेवा परमो धर्म’ i.e. service is the best religion and have served the children of Mother India with complete dedication.

In the period of corona, many of our brothers and sisters have been affected by this pandemic; many families have been affected; many have also lost their lives. I express my condolences to all such families, and I believe the indomitable will power and determination of 130 crore countrymen will make us win over Corona and we shall definitely win.

I know that recently we have been passing through a number of crises. Floods, especially in the north-east, eastern India, south India and some parts of western India; landslides in many areas; people have had to face many problems. Many people have lost their lives. I also express my condolences to those families.

And the nation stands in solidarity with the state governments in these days of crisis. No stone is being left unturned by either the state or central government to provide relief measures to the needy.

My dear Countrymen, Independence Day is a festival to celebrate freedom. It is an occasion to enthuse new energy by remembering our freedom fighters. This day is a harbinger of new inspirations. It reignites new fervour, exuberance and enthusiasm. And in times like now, it becomes even more imperative for us to be determined. It is an auspicious day because when we meet again next year to celebrate, we shall be entering into the 75 years of our free existence. This is a momentous occasion. Today, all of us 130 crores Indians have to make significant pledges for the coming two years. And when we complete the 75 years of our freedom, we will be able celebrate the redemption of those pledges .

My dear countrymen, our forefathers fought for this freedom with extreme commitment, utmost integrity, sincere penance, renunciation and sacrifice; we should never forget the way they laid their lives for Mother India. We should never forget that during this long and dark ages of slavery, not even a moment was lost when they were not moved by the desire for freedom. There insn’t a countryman who did not put his best foot forward aspiring to break free the nation from the shackles of slavery, by waging a war and making any sacrifice possible to bring this day. Many sacrificed their youth in jails. Many left behind their life’s dreams and embraced the gallows. I salute these revered martyrs who offered themselves as an oblation. Indeed amazing! On the one side, the country witnessed a phase of mass movements and on the other side the resounding voice of armed revolt.

Under the leadership of Pujya Bapu, the great national awakening accompanied by mass movements, gave new impetus to the struggle for freedom. And so today we are blessed to be able to celebrate our Independence Day with such fervour.

During this freedom struggle, several efforts were made to douse the fire of revolt and throttle the soul and spirit of our motherland. Many attempts were made to ruin the Indian culture, tradition, customs and heritage. Running across centuries, that was the period of SAAM DAAM DAND BHED (either by hook or crook) – and all this was at its peak. Many came here with the innate belief that they have come to reign the world for eternity (yaavat chandra diwakaro-till sun and moon exist). But the strong determination to be freed beat such ambitions to dust. They believed that India was a divided lot due to the existence of multiple identities, nobilities, languages and dialects, cuisines, costumes and culture. They labored under the misunderstanding that a country of so many diversities can never stand up as one against any force. But they could not recognize the soul and pulse of the country, that life force, that chord which binds us together. And when this force came out with full vigour in the fight for freedom, India succeeded in throwing away the shackles of slavery .

We are aware of the fact that that was the regime when propagators of expansionism spread across geographies and attained supremacy and power, but the freedom movement of India inspired many across the globe to stand against these forces. India became a pillar and ignited the fire of freedom struggle all over the world.

And those, who were involved in the blind race of expansionism, threw the World into two World wars, destroyed humanity, ruined lives and wrecked the globe to achieve their designs.

But even during such a period, even in the midst of the destructive war, India did not abandon its urge for freedom; neither was it found lacking, nor did it lower its guard.

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