Abhimanyu had to die!!

Republic day:

Yesterday was 71st Republic Day of India. On 26th January 1950, India adopted a constitution which converted entire (almost) civilization of Indian continent into one country. It was the first civilizational nation with multiple cultures and languages.

Developments from last two months, had made it clear that yesterday was destined for anarchy. And it happened. One person (protester) died due to freak accident involving rash driving of tractor. The intention to provoke the police to open fire so that vast number of deaths may be shown as proof of fascist Government of India.

At the cost of injury to 300 police personnel, the situation was diffused. Today is the day of reckoning. Two protester groups have already disassociated with the protests and dissipation of protesters has started. Question is could it be avoided? After all if I knew it and was waiting with baited breath to write about it, everyone knew about it. Could anything be done about it?

Where is rule of law?

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Supreme Panchayat stays the amendments in Farm Law.

The Supreme Court, today, suspended the implementation of the three controversial farm laws until further orders and formed a four-member committee to hold talks and resolve the issue of agitators and the Government. Following are the members of the committee formed by the Court:

  • BS Mann, Bhartiya Kisan Union (BKU)
  • Ashok Gulati, Agricultural Scientist
  • Pramod K Jishi, International Food Policy Research Institute
  • Anil Ghanwant, Shetkari Sangathan

When I joined the bar, somebody told me that the District Court is the court of law as it has very discretion except to implement the law. High Court are Courts of Justice as in India the courts have the jurisdiction of Chancery Courts (of England) as well. On this when I asked about Supreme Court the reply was epic and proves from time to time. He said Supreme Court was Panchayat. The traditional court which used to exist in every village and used to decide on the basis of common sense. Today’s order proves that preposition once again and I would say no more. Though the situation can be summed up in another way as well.

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China gets something more to violate

China and EU agree on investment deal:

Last week European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen and EU Council president Charles Michel and Xi Zing Ping of China concluded seven-year-long negotiations “in principle” during a video conference. German Chancellor Angela Merkel presently holding rotating presidency of the EU and French president Emmanuel Macron also took part in the discussions. It will take several months before the text of the agreement is legally reviewed and translated and it is approved by the EU Council.

Earlier the EU expressed concerns about “the restrictions on freedom of expression, on access to information, and intimidation and surveillance of journalists, as well as detentions, trials and sentencing of human rights defenders, lawyers, and intellectuals in China.”

China is now the bloc’s second-biggest trading partner behind the United States, and the EU is China’s biggest trading partner. China and Europe trade on average over €1 billion a day. China is crucially important to Germany, where companies like BMW, Daimler and Volkswagen make a large share of their profits in the world’s largest car market.

According to the deal China committed following:

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Farmers’ Protest and Vandalizing Temples in Andhra Pradesh.

While Canada is supporting China as also the Communists who are arranging the so called ‘farmers’ protest in new Delhi, Andhra Pradesh is burning with serious law and order problem created by evangelical mercenaries. The situation reminds me of following passage from an old play of Bernanrd Shaw:

” No Englishman is too low to have scruples: no Englishman is high enough to be free from their tyranny. But every Englishman is born with a certain miraculous power that makes him master of the world. When he wants a thing, he never tells himself that he wants it. He waits patiently until there comes into his mind, no one knows how, a burning conviction that it is his moral and religious duty to conquer those who have got the thing he wants. Then he becomes irresistible. Like the aristocrat, he does what pleases him and grabs what he wants: like the shopkeeper, he pursues his purpose with the industry and steadfastness that come from strong religious conviction and deep sense of moral responsibility. He is never at a loss for an effective moral attitude. As the great champion of freedom and national independence, he conquers and annexes half the world, and calls it Colonization. When he wants a new market for his adulterated Manchester goods, he sends a missionary to teach the natives the gospel of peace. The natives kill the missionary: he flies to arms in defence of Christianity; fights for it; conquers for it; and takes the market as a reward from heaven.”

[Says Napolean in the play titled The Man of Destiny (1897) by George Bernard Shaw.]

Is that the plan? In the face of rapid fire of bio weapon from China, it may not be possible but Communist may want to replicate Englishman here. Let there be violence and their cabal around the world from New York Post to Times to what not will cry fascist Modi on top of their lungs. But there are ways that it may all back fire and that appears be the plan of Modi. The noose is tightening, even if we can not see it.

Let’s wait for a few days and see what happens.

In the meanwhile Andhra Pradesh Director General of Police (DGP) D Gautam Sawang has sounded an alert across the state following a series of attacks on idols at Hindu temples by unknown miscreants. The alert comes even as another two instances of temple idols being attacked were reported on Sunday from Vijayawada.

The DGP also informed that in 2020, about 228 cases of attacks on temples were registered in Andhra Pradesh, compared to 305 cases in 2019, 267 in 2018, 318 in 2017, 332 in 2016 and 290 in 2015.

Imagine, this is happening in India in 2020!!

What is happening in India in 2020-21 under Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Present is a continuation of yesterday. There can not be tomorrow without today. Everything is interconnected and that includes Economics, politics, foreign affairs etc. To understand what Narendra Modi is doing, one has to look back at past. But one thing is certain, nothing is permanent in life. Everything comes with an expiry date. That include the superpower status of countries.

Independence of India:

In 1947, the British transferred power to it’s lackeys (Congress Party formed in 1885 by British themselves) and made another split of countries in three blocking both the trading routes by land to the east and west. The wheat bowl of irrigated west Punjab and rice bowl of east Bengal was split from India in a well crafted strategy. For next 20 years that is till about 1967, India faced food shortages forcing it to import substandard wheat from USA and other countries. Food rationing was a norm. A fixed quantity of wheat etc. was distributed through Government run, highly corrupt, Public Distribution System or PDS.

Nehru imposed restrictions and communist type changes in economic and labour/industrial policies which even British had feared to do in their tenure.

The food independence was gained by India after the Nahru’s death and before arrival of evil empress Indira, the daughter of Nehru. Elections were a farce. the Elected Governments were formed with just 21 to 26% of votes. Indira was way ahead of Nehru and imposed curbs on Cement and Sugar as well. Now Sugar was also distributed by PDS. For cement one had to apply to District Supply Office stating the reason why a bag of cement was required. The result of all these cubs was that essential items of daily use became privileged commodity. Grant of these items of daily use became the tools to wield power and garner votes through middlemen.

P. V. Narasimha Rao in 1990:

Rajiv Gandhi, son of Indira succeeded her in 1984 after her assassination and was himself assassinated by terrorists in 1989. After his demise P. V. Narasimha Rao succeeded him and he threw the economy open, ending all controls on essential commodities except in a very limited way.

T.N. Seshan as Chief Election Commissioner:

Chief Election Commissioner is a unique institution in India with very wide powers to ensure free and fair election. In 1989 T.N. Seshan became Chief Election Commissioner and brought in unprecedented reforms in election bringing an end to electoral rigging completely. Some of the measure introduced was to give photo ID cards to all voters,use of Central Reserve Police instead of local police during election, taking over management of any city if the administration appeared biased. Now no party was able to win. This continued till 2014. All Governments between 1990 to 2014 were coalition Governments in which Congress Party always had an influence.

Now the new middlemen were the enforcers. Various Government schemes would dole out billion of rupee for the benefit of poor. Hardly 10% reached the poor. Rest appropriated by middlemen but they were ‘Enforcers’ who could now ensure votes. With the rise of coalition, these Enforcers (often gangsters) formed their own parties and formed alliances. There were times when as much as 70 different parties were in the government.

Arrival of TV Media

Private TV Channels were permitted much after 1990 and all the channels were owned by the groups affiliated to Congress Party. It was during the tenure of BJP/NDA rule that some Private channels not run by overt or covert Congress/Communist member were permitted. Just two from opposition continued, rest perished for want of revenue. The 2004 elections was won by nothing but the media. Bogus corruption charges which were thrown out by courts later, made the Government fall.

Re-arrival of Congress:

2004 saw arrival of Congress Party under the leadership of its Italian born President. Since then President of India told her that he will not invite her to become due to her citizenship controversy she appoint an subservient family loyalist Prime Minister Manmohan Singh whose only achievement was that he was an economist when the currency of India fell by 40% in just 5 years. Massive corruption erupted. Banks were nearly bankrupted with bad loans.

Gross misuse of Police to harass opponent and promotion of Middlemen/Gangsters happened with improved vigour. These were new generation entrants as old ones now run small parties in coalition.

What Modi was doing?:

In 2014 when Modi arrived, fake currency racket with or without involvement of Congress and it’s most favoured nation was in full swing. First thing was opening of Bank accounts of every citizen. Massive 300 million accounts were opened. A digital financial payment framework of it’s own kind was created. Large denomination currency was cancelled. All subsidies were made online with payment being made to bank accounts of citizens.

Poor never had it so good ever in their life time. Two new schemes were started which would shame even hard core Socialists who are paper tigers only with no practical ideology. A subsidy was given to poor to build toilets and homes. Money was transferred to Bank account directly. Build, upload photo, get money. It was so simple. Even those who did not get money saw hope in 2019.

Narendra Modi in 2020:

700 million people who had voted for Congress party in 2014 voted for BJP/Modi in 2019. He was successful in creating a new vote bank. The most reliable one. Poor are just poor in wealth but not in commitment. Now having secured 370 million votes Narendra Modi is set upon the task to destroy the mini-fiefdoms of Gangsters/Drugs/Land Mafia and there is an uproar. They not only make illicit money but have tremendous influence on bureaucracy as well as the smaller parties whom they donate to buy influence. In Uttar Pradesh it is Land grabbers who are under police action. Madhya Pradesh too has joined the action. In Mumbai it is Narcotics Department and Money Laundering. In Karnataka it is again Drug. In Kashmir Money Laundering operation had started last year itself. Now China too has joined this war by sitting on border and supporting the separatists. What is interesting is that no one noticed that Government virtually invited Khalistani separatists to wage war. Cant say why?

Kashmir represents India in every way. The political model of Kashmir is the model of Communist/Islamist parties which now include Congress as well. This model is under attack.The war has just begun. Choose your side now. I will sit out. Do not blame if you are caught in between.

The war of independence is still going on. Independence from Criminals. Only after these are dealt with, there can be actual reform to get rid of draconian British era laws. Today these laws will be used against these Opportunists who have been clearly rejected by people in polls after polls including the run off elections held this year.