Sufi, Sufism and Sufi music

Sufism and India

Sufism has a special place in India. In fact Sufism is in a way native to India. Sufi from all over world (read middle east) found refuge in India. Most Sufi Tombs (burial places) are secular yet Islāmic places of worship. People of many faith visit and perform rituals for fulfillment of their desires. There is a long page on Sufism in Wikipedia according to which Sufism was later institutionalized which by itself contradiction of terms. Unfortunately the said page is a typical example of too much water but not a drop to drink? Too much details but very little practical information.

Names of rather famous Sufi are Rumi and Bulle Shah, who were also famous poets and who knows singers as well. This is a Sufi music sung by singer Richa Sharma from India. It is a live performance.

Who is a Sufi?

Sufi were rebels. They rebelled against the rituals. As can be under stood from the songs of Bulle Shah sung by two talented singers in the links given at the bottom, they criticized Holy dip in rivers and going for Haz in same breadth. Sufi believed in God or Allah  but refused to follow any ritual. They worshiped Allah without any image. In fact some denied existence of self by calling that only God is in existence. One such Sufi was “Sai Baba” who is now worshiped as Hindu deity. The interesting journey of Sai Baba can be read here.

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My favourite songs from Elton John

Elton John has a distinct voice which needs no introduction. Here are some of the numbers I keep repeating once every few months. These are you tube copies of live shows. For most original sound track is more preferred. The order of arrangement is purely serendipitious:

Good-bye Norma Jeans

This video also depicts how lonely it is to be among the crowd.

Sorry seems to be the hardest word

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My all time favourite songs from around the world!

Like many things sometime I forget to listen to songs for months and forget what to listen. The star rating etc. does not get embedded in the songs. Something need be done about that.
Yet it appears to me that I should share a few songs. Not due to the lyrics. The criterion is that in these songs the artists was melted into his/her voice completely and there was no discernible difference in the art and the artist and only a voice existed. This is a moment of unification of what we label as ‘body and soul’: Continue reading