Unfairness of life

What is your problem?

Find out from core of your heart. Dive to the bottom of your memories, aspirations, ambitions, desires, pain, problems and whatever else is there in the pit whole of your mind. Delve into it and find out. A single problem which you perceive as the root of all problems. A narrative in your life which remains constant. Try everything yet one factor which keeps troubling again and again.

Do you know your problem?

What is it?

Let me guess:

“Nothing happens in life the way I want, even when it seems that things were happening in my favour.”

If it sounds familiar, read on, else do something more productive than reading this lousy article or go somewhere discover something new or whatever.

Life is not about winning or losing. It is not about possessing or dispossessing. It is living with perception not conclusions. Do you see things and events and people from an independent perspective much less from their own perspective?

I guess not.

Try some time. For a change. Get out of your thought and observe. See what exactly is happening. What you are doing. How much of your own action is in an automatic pattern. As if some force is pushing your buttons. Do not bring your religion or God into it. And do not let some spiritual or religious entrepreneur exploit you by calling it by a name, good or bad.

Once we survive these entrepreneurs, we may have a chance to find the core of the problems. Everyday problems. Life is not unfair. We are.


To live peacefully, live imperfectly. 

Struggle for perfect living.

Peaceful living is not a concept or ideology but a recurring watchful way of living. It requires conscious effort to refrain from entering into conflict. Every step is to be carefully watched. Actually refrain is inappropriate word. Attempt to refrain itself creates conflict.

Perfection is thy name. So goes the idiom. But we have taken it too seriously. Some of us, like me, become perfectionists. Doing and redoing the same thing till it is perfect, which never happens as journey of perfection is oscillation from one state of mind to another. It may have some application in technical things but not in everything. It is worse reflected in home décor. How many furnishing or the houses we change, none is ever perfect. Even worst is in relationships. Discarding people does not bring up better people. Relationships keep failing.

The worst kind of perfectionists are clinical cases of obsession like hypochondriac who is obsessed to wash perfect clean. And there are those who are hardly bothered by surroundings but are obsessed by their own creativity. Many writers and painters etc. will fall in this category. Yet another kind are people who are simply not doing anything except when told to do. They are adolescents who never grew up.

What peace has to do with perfection?

The question is interesting. So is answer. In one word answer is ‘everything’. There are many flaws in life style which affect peace of mind terribly but the quest for perfection which we some time euphemistically call as ‘normal’ is, that creates a lot of problems. Normal is too overrated.

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Eulogy to Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam


Eulogy from a distant observer:

Former President of India and eminent scientist APJ Abdul Kalam passed away in Shillong on Monday. Kalam collapsed during a speech at the IIM Shillong and was immediately rushed to the nearby Bethany Hospital. Later he was transferred to army Hospital and declared dead. Humble start of life, to make living by distribution of newspapers, did not prevent him to be the man behind indigenous missile/space program of India which earned him a nick name ‘missile man’ in 80’s through 90’s.

Transcending the self:

Dr Kalam was the living example of what is called transcending the self. Continue reading

Individualism and free society

Freedom can not be absolute.

“Despite romantic rhetoric, freedom cannot be absolute. To argue for total choice (a meaningless concept) or total individuality is to argue against any for of community or society altogether. If each person, busily doing this thing, were to be wholly different from every other, no two humans would have any basis for communication. Continue reading