Time to party and time to torture the body!

It is a marriage season in India. ‘Season’ because majority of Hindu population fixes marriage dates according to astrology. As it happens good days are always clustered. Some days there are so many marriages that at 9 PM, traffic in New Delhi is like 9 AM i.e. ‘Bumper to bumper’. It was so on 13th of this month and again on 23rd or so. With a population of around twenty million (including suburbs) New Delhi is not only most expensive but can also be most difficult place for wedding parties.
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Traveling to India: How to greet people?

India is a part of global village. While it is a country and almost a nation, it is a place of diversity in all respect. The crucial problem is greeting on first meeting. How do we greet each other. While there are many methods but there is thread of emotion behind the gestures. The gesture varies from the clasping of hands in traditional Namaste or Namaskar to plain or simple nod.
The popular gesture is plain and simple nodding of head with short bowing like gesture. This is presently the universal greeting if there no further interaction is intended.
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Gardening and living!

Yellow-DehliaGardening as a subject and as a hobby happens to be least popular. May  be too plebeian. It also requires a regular commitment. Living in apartments amidst an ocean of polluting fumes, eclipsed in the nave of concrete jungle, we often do not miss the plants. Last year when I was in Bombay on several occasions, another congested and populous city, I realised how hideously un-green that city is. Air filled with sea moisture and obnoxious smells typical of closed places. Back in Delhi, I was glad that it looked like a big garden with roads. The pollution here seemed non-existent notwithstanding the fact that 20% of the city population has symptoms of asthma, at one time or another.
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The Billionaire’s Club!


The title Billionaire Club does not refer to the billionaires mentioned in the Forbes list of Billionaires. It is a name of an extended pub or nightclub in New Delhi. While the prices of everything is ten or fifteen times the normal, the noise is at same decibel level as in any party. Young, mostly in couples bubble up their night on champagne, while some may also be drowning their sorrows in liquor, expecting to cheer up with loud music.
Booze has a quality that it can bring out the best and the worst out of a person.

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When Umbrella becomes the closest relative


It appears that clouds and rain had a date with sun. It started with heavy rain which was more of a deluge. We had to take the dots out of emergency water exits. It started a little after 5, with sun rise, showed its fury and slowed down. After a while the torrential spell of rain appeared with thundering and lightening. Perhaps furious at office going crowd which ventured despite early warning. It was the day when Umbrella became the closest relative. Office goers and commuters had a real experience of rainy reason.
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