Indian Government with egg on the face.

Indian Government never learns from Past Mistakes

Release of Italian Marines on Bail

Two Italian marines were accused of killing fishermen in Indian Coastal Waters. While they were on trial they sought to be released on bail which evidently was refused by courts below. Supreme Court of India granted bail on the assurance of Italian Government that the prisoners shall be returned after they cast their vote in Italy. They have to return on 22nd March 2013. But they have already refused. It is everywhere in news papers.

Sicilian by Mario Puzo

Mario Puzo is known for his famous work God Father. However he had written many more novels. His actual best was Sicilian. It is a novel about oppression of poor by rich/nobles and how an oppressed becomes a bandit or out-law. At one place he writes “This is Sicily. Here there can be treachery within treachery.” The fact is that at the climax he creates such a web of treachery. But we can not judge people of entire nation by a novelists opinion. But my season of humour is getting persistent. But the story is still being written. Let us see how many or more treacheries will play. Continue reading

Traffic Violation

Surety bond

Traffic violations are offences. If a driver of a an automobile violates a traffic Rule or Order he is liable to be prosecuted in the court of law. However most of the offences are compoundable (i.e. it can be compromised). The Police Officer who charges the money and issues the pink slip is actually the compounding officer and the payment you make is not the penalty but compounding fee. Now if we do not accept ourself as guilty, we can refuse to compound upon which the police officer shall have to send a complaint to the office of concerned magistrate who in turn shall summon us and conduct the trial into offence. However there is a practice prevailing that if we do not pay the compounding fee, the police officer retains our driving licence and sends it to concerned magistrate along with the complaint. It appears that deposit of driving licence is like a Surety Bond for appearance. I have tried to locate the source of power to ask for such Bond by way of driving licence but I could not find it in Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. Would some one enlighten me with the source of such power?

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