Jinnah betrayed Muslims in 1947 by his false speech of secularism

Remembering 11 August 1947:

Jinnah and Nehru:

Mohammad Ali Jinnah and Jawaharlal Nehru were two competitors made of same cloth. They were both ruthless and kept personal ambition above everything else including human lives. Their speeches always meant nothing. No commitment for anything but flowery phrases and colourful dreams.

Partition of India:

Partition of India on the basis of religion of the population had a precedent. Turkey did it earlier and there was complete exchange of population. Greeks left Turkey and Muslims living in Greece were brought into Turkey.

In 1947 the formal partition of India had to take place in August but from many months earlier killing of Non-muslims started and about a million migrated from (proposed) Pakistan to India. On the other hand  except Punjab, the law and order was better in India and very little migration to Pakistan took place but more and more Muslims were gearing up to migrate to Pakistan. In this background Mohammad Ali Jinnah delivered a speech on Radio.

Jinnah talks secularism:

This is the extract of Jinnah’s speech delivered on 11 August 1947:

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Ayodhya: Restoration of Ram Temple begins

Palace of Queen Kaushlya:

In ancient times earlier than 5000 BC there was a Kingdom of Kaushal presided by King Dashrath. The capital was at Ayodhya near present day Lucknow in state of Uttar Pradesh. King Dasharath had three queens, namely, Kaushalya, Sumitra and Kaikeyi. Kaushalya was from the Kingdom of Magadha. Sumitra was from Kashi. Kaikeyi was from Kekeya Kingdom. 

To cut the story short, Ayodhya even today has palaces of these queens and King but one palace is missing. It is the palace of Queen Kaushalya who was mother of Prince Ram, an incarnation of Vishnu who is revered and worshiped around the world.

Where did the palace of Queen Kaushalya go?

Ayodhya also has a place called Kanak Palace which was gifted to Janki the wife of Rama as her nuptial gift. In this also a temple exist. But no palace of Kaushalya is in sight.

492 years ago Babar, an invader from West attacked India after he converted to become Shia in Iran with the artillery provided by Iran. He stayed back in Delhi. He had a male consort slave, a boy aged 16 years who was named Babri which means ‘belonging to Babur’. This boy died in one of the battles. The commander of Babur namely Meer Baki attacked Ayodhya and demolished the Ram Temple in Kaushalya Palace, did his loot, built a mosque like structure on demolished building, named it after a slave i.e. Babri, and left. His revenge was complete against Kaffirs.

The building was not a mosque as it did not have a place to vazu or washing before Salah or Namaz. The Ram worshippers started doing prayers outside in court yard. Many bloody wars ensued from time to time. In 1857 matter became a civil dispute over ‘Maszid-e-Janm Sthan’ as mentioned in revenue records. (Mosque at place of birth)

On 9th November Supreme Court of India decided the matter and gave the land underneath to build a temple as it had unislamic building underneath and there was continued possession and worshipping by them.

Yesterday Prime Minister laid down foundation stone of a Ram Temple at the site in Ayodhya:

Hopefully the main portion of temple Sanctum Santorum will come up in three years. The preparation was underway for 30 years. More pictures:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi

To those secularists who find this objectionable, here is the picture from original copy of Constitution of India, with Lord Ram in the header:

All the best and

Jai Siya Ram.

China pulls a Nehru out of Narendra Modi

The mad human race:

History is full of repetition. Actually human race has worst record of learning from history. The result is that history keeps on repeating itself even if it does not repeat at the same place.

Talking of place, in the case of Galwan Valley where China has invaded and is presently picketing while making bunkers is next to same place where the China had betrayed Nehru. Aksai Chin is the neighbourhood where China had invaded in 1962 and occupied it. It has an area equivalent to State of Goa in India or perhaps equal to size of Norway.

We do not know much about that time except that Nehru had a ‘vision‘ that every one in Asia will unite and lead to progress. But this time it is interesting. One possibility is that it has something to do with waning influence of Xi Jin Ping in China’s Communist Party.

India and China did not share a border. Tibet was the immediate neighbour of India. But China invaded it in 1950 and by 1957 completely acceded it with Nehru overtly conceding this outrageous act of aggression on Tibetan people. It is said no good deed goes unpunished. In 1962 Nehru got his reward. China crawled into Aksai Chin and killed all the soldiers of India present there. India did not use it’s Air power for reasons buried with Nehru alone, even though China had no match for air power of India. Something which may be true even today.

The Salami Obsession:

Every country has a national obsession. Some have terrorism a national cause and dying for it only matters. For some killing Americans or finishing America is that obsession. China wants land. More and more land. It crawls into neighbours land say for 3x area and when challenged it returns to 2x back. This is called the Salami slicing policy.

China presently has an area out of which about 70% is occupied land of neighbours since 1950, in tacit approval of the world. The world is getting the reward for it’s good deeds. See this Map :

In 2017 it tried this Salami in Doklam. It went back but we will never know how much Salami was taken by it in the process.

This summer, first the China waited for snow to melt and weather to be habitable and entered into Galwan Valley and is now occupying it claiming it to be theirs. Unfortunately the name of river ‘Galwan’ is not after any Chinese person. As per wikipedia:

“The river is named after Ghulam Rasool Galwan, a Ladakhi explorer of Kashmiri descent, who first explored the course of the river. In 1899, he was part of a British expedition team that was exploring the areas to the north of the Chang Chenmo valley, when he ran into this previously unknown river valley.”

This valley is a buffer area in which both India and China do their patrol and when one patrolling party is shown flag by the other they return to their base. This was the protocol till May 5th 2020.

After the Chinese occupation, Government of India in a usual manner denied the occupation. However the army of India stopped Chinese army mid way and there was a scuffle by stone and batons resulting in minor injuries. The negotiations started between the armies and on 6th June it was decided that both the armies will return to it’s previous position i.e. 2.5 kilometre backward.

It may be recalled that both the countries had entered into an agreement in 1996 which was reinforced again in 2005 that there shall be no firing of fire arm or explosion of any kind ‘within 2.5 kilometre of line of actual control‘.

On the night of 15-16th June, when a patrol party of 10-15 Indian Army reached a patrol point 14 it found a tent erected there which was being converted into a bunker. Chinese were asked to comply with the agreement. Thereafter what happened is not very clear and there are many versions. But it was a free fight with fists on Indian side and Chinese had come with club with nails with which they attacked the Indians. See picture:

20 Soldiers of India lost life. But no shot was fired. As per reports China lost twice that number but that does not matter. The violence and the manner is not just primitive but barbarous. China has also hit a new low.

Breach of trust

Narendra Modi is the only Prime Minister of India who has met Chinese counterpart 18 times in past 6 years. Several one to one meets. Yet what China has done is, seen as an act of betrayal. The area may not be that big but it is Nehru moment for Modi. In any case the opposition party wants to play it that way especially the descendants of Nehru.

The out rage is palpable and things are unfolding. We do not know what will be happening next but problem is far from over. The world war 3 has taken another angle.

Conspiracy theory:

There is a conspiracy theory as well. Chinese Army is the only army in which a member of Communist Party is attached to each command post. The theory is that this incident of not respecting the mutual agreement is an act of disobedience to Xi Jin Ping as an alternate power centre is emerging in China which wants to undermine Xi who is presently acting as an emperor without any limit to his term in office.

We have to wait and watch.

The Rogue State called China.

The way China annexed India’s Aksai Chin and is now vainly trying to capture the Galvan Valley in eastern Ladakh is not new to it. Not only India, it wants to capture the lands of about two dozen countries. Although China shares borders with 14 countries, it claims land or sea borders of at least 23 countries. La Trobe University’s Asia Security Report has revealed this.

China has so far occupied 41 lakh square kilometers of land in other countries, which is 43% of the existing China. That is, Dragon has almost doubled its size in the last 6-7 decades due to its expansionary policy and its greed is not over yet.

China had started a policy of land grabbing since the establishment of Communist rule in 1949. Since President Xi Jinping came to power in 2013, China intensified the border with India. But for the first time, he is facing such a tough challenge. Let’s take a look at some of China’s illegal occupations.

1.East Turkistan
Land area of ​​16.55 lakh sq km. After the first attack in 1934, China occupied East Turkistan by 1949. China is oppressing this area of ​​Uighur Muslims with 45% of the population.

  1. Tibet
    China occupied this beautiful natural country of 12.3 lakh sq km on 07 October 1950. He expanded his border to India by attacking Tibet with 80% Buddhist population. Apart from this, it got the source of immense minerals, rivers like Indus, Brahmaputra, Mekong here.
  2. Inner Mongolia
    In October 1945, China invaded and occupied Mongolia with an area of 11.83 lakh sq km. The Mongols with 13 per cent of the populationwere severely crushed the demand for independence. It has 25 percent of the world’s coal reserves. It has a population of 30 million.
  3. Taiwan
    China has long been eyeing Taiwan surrounded by 35 thousand square km seas. After the Communists’ victory in 1949, the nationalists took refuge in Taiwan. China admits its share, but Taiwan stands firmly in front of it. Taiwan has American support and therefore China is unable to attack it even if it wants to.
  4. Hong Kong
    China forcibly annexed Hong Kong in 1997. These days, he is looking to clamp down on Hong Kong by implementing the National Security Act. 50.5 percent of China’s foreign investment and trade comes through Hong Kong.
  5. Macau
    After 450 years of rule, the Portuguese handed over Macau to China in 1999.
  6. India
    China has occupied 38 thousand sq km of India. It covers 14,380 square kilometers of Aksai Chin. Pak gave 5180 sq km area to Pakistan.
  7. East China Sea
    Jadhozhad from Japan. China has its eye on eight islands of 81 thousand sq km. The dispute was sparked by the creation of China’s air border zone in 2013.
  8. Border dispute with Russia too
    China’s dispute over an area of 52 thousand square kilometers from Russia. Attempted China attack in 1969, dug up Russia.
  9. South China Sea
    There is tension in the region from Taiwan, Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, trying to grab from 7 countries. Spanning 35.5 lakh square kilometers, the South China Sea boasts 90% of the area. China occupied the Parsley, Spartley Islands and built military bases. From here, 33% i.e. 3.37 lakh crore annual global business is $ 77 billion oil, 266 lakh crore cubic feet gas reserves.

Citizenship amendment and protest by Nasiruddin Shah and Munawwar Rana.

Citizenship Amendment Act grant accelerated citizenship to persecuted minorities from three neighbouring countries. It reduces the period of naturalization from 12 years to 6 years. Yet this limited measure of concession is being protested by only one community in India that is Muslims. Why?

The answer to the question keeps changing. At first it was blame that there is a disinformation campaign in which it was rumoured that Muslims for being stripped of their citizenship and would be thrown out of country. Outrageous lie it maybe, but the fact it was accepted by any muslim Indian is ludicrous.

There are protest at Shaheen Bagh a predominantly Muslim locality in Delhi who have obstructed important highway for now about 70 days causing thousands of commuters several hours of additional driving everyday.

To top it all three characters have entered the fray. Naseeruddin Shah is a famous movie actor who was in a kind of lead role in recent movie called Tashkent files. Next is Munawwar Rana the poet who is famous for is Urdu couplet on ‘Mother’ next is a former President of Aligarh Muslim University Student Union. The first two characters were subtle but the last one was candid about the motivation for protest. Before advertising to these characters latest first look back and see what happened last year.

The year of 2019: