Corona Virus: test, test, test recomended by WHO is not enough.

India fighting was with Corona:

While testing for corona virus is important but test can not prevent it. India with about 200 positive cases and several thousand in isolation or quarantine, still has lowest numbers considering that it is the second most populous country and in termed of population density it is most dense. Population density of China is about 150 persons per sq. Km. India has a population density of 450 persons per sq. Km approximately.

India is still at stage 2 of communicable disease and is fighting hard not to progress to stage 3 of disease in which corona is spread in the community. But it was and is not easy. But the slow speed of corona virus spread has a civilizational reason:

How to remain poor and miserable?

Birth in hideous poverty is a matter of accident but to remain poor and miserable needs efforts.

It is not easy to remain poor. Education opens new avenues of prosperity but it requires extra ability to miss opportunities and remain struck in abysmal poverty.

Vacations and holidays:

To remains poor it is important to religiously follow the calendar and obey all holidays, all vacations and presume that is what everyone does. However, those who get rid of poverty do not fall is this trap and take vacation when its suits their works cycle. So enjoy life and poverty alongwith the holidays. Those who remain well above poverty line are those who use the holidays to harness new skills or to update knowledge to cope with the dynamic word in which knowledge gets absolute every day. Continue reading