Is HRBlock a new thug in the market? A Review.

Is duping people?

Thuggery is an ancient offence. It is an act of stupefying another human being by winning his/her confidence. Now a days it is called Conman act. Thuggery was also violent in the end. Often culprit used to kill people. I hope HRBlock is not that brutal. In India ancient name of offender was Thug. They would deceive by tempting people with attractive offer but releasing selective piece of information or concealing material information. Such acts are also a fraud u/s 17 of Contract Act. Read here about the ingredients and  effect of fraud.

HR Block is an online Income Tax Return preparer cum filing facility which uses API’s of Income Tax Department of India. Its profile proclaims: Continue reading

Why Income Tax department is promoting Microsoft and Oracle

Open source vs. proprietary software.

Govt of India has reiterated its policy to prefer open source software over proprietary software as part of its Digital India Initiative which is available here. However when it comes to application, different department behave differently. For over ten years income tax department forces citizens of India to use Window and Excel which is a proprietary software of Microsoft. Few years back they brought out an alternative and introduced a Java version of ITR as well. Though it does not work at all, never the less look at the choice. This time they picked Oracle proprietary version of Java. Why not pick open source? No body seems to know anything. Few months back, I had posted a grievance ticket too on their website. The officer who called up, knew nothing and kept on trying to convince me that I should borrow somebody’s window lap top to do the needful. Arrogance in stupidity.

Now I have asked following questions from Government of India under RTI Act

Kindly provide following Information under RTI Act:

1. Who is officer responsible for checking the functioning of ITR 3 Java Version, Please provide his name address and phone Number? If an entire team is responsible please provide the details of team leader.

2.If the aforesaid Officer is in the service of Govt. of India, please provide the name, designation, address of the disciplinary authority over him.

3. What is policy of Income Tax department about using open source software ? If no policy has been formulated please do state so. Continue reading

How to remain poor and miserable?

Birth in hideous poverty is a matter of accident but to remain poor and miserable needs efforts.

It is not easy to remain poor. Education opens new avenues of prosperity but it requires extra ability to miss opportunities and remain struck in abysmal poverty.

Vacations and holidays:

To remains poor it is important to religiously follow the calendar and obey all holidays, all vacations and presume that is what everyone does. However, those who get rid of poverty do not fall is this trap and take vacation when its suits their works cycle. So enjoy life and poverty alongwith the holidays. Those who remain well above poverty line are those who use the holidays to harness new skills or to update knowledge to cope with the dynamic word in which knowledge gets absolute every day. Continue reading

Illicit liquor/hooch tragedy, fundamental cause

Finance Minister blood is on your lapel!

Spurious Liquor and death therefrom is seasonal ritual in India. Every year or next, a tragedy or the other happens at one place or another. Causes for such recurrent tragedy are apparent policy failure and it is unlikely to be corrected under present Hindu myopia. Earlier the reason was apathy towards poor. Mere change of reason without change of policy. Bihar is the recent State which has prohibited liquor altogether. Therefore Bihar would be the next State from where next tragedy will occur.

The real reasons for such tragedies:

Confiscatory taxation:

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Banking NPA or non performing assets and PNB Scam.

Unrecoverable loans of public sector banks.

Non Performing Asset or NPA is a euphemism for ‘bad or unrecoverable loans’ in India. It is similar to sub-prime loan crises in USA in 2008 but there is a huge difference. NPA in India consist of Commercial loans given to large businessmen. NPA has little or no component of personal or housing loans. NPA also has another feature that it is mostly secured with collateral but due careful crafting the collateral is grossly inadequate. A large number of these borrowers have also been or soon would be declared willful defaulters and they will be placed on blacklist for future loans.

Recently it surfaced that few swindlers were able to take Letter of Credits without collaterals as well. This is called Punjab National Bank scam performed by a person named Nirav Modi and his uncle Mehul Choksi. These people anticipated problems and simply vanished.  Another scamester who allegedly misappropriated loan money is Vikram Kothari. He is in custody. There are about 9300 odd such wishful defaulters.

Unfortunate and sad part of NPA saga is that it happens every two decades. Banks were nationalized in late 60’s due to similar problems. Last such problem was in 90’s. Several banks whose capital was wiped out were merged with larger banks besides infusion of more funds. It is all over Déjà Vu in 2014-2018.

So what caused this mammoth blunder?

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