Kindle pay per read scheme will discourage research books

A review of KENP* read scheme of Kindle:

(Kindle Edition Normalized Pages (KENP) Read)*

Kindle has introduce a new method of payment of royalty to authors who have enrolled their books to Kindle Lenders Library (KLL) and Kindle Owners Lending Library (KOLL) where the readers can borrow and read the books. From this July the authors shall be paid royalty on per read page basis. As to what exactly that means is not clear. If somebody scrolls down a few pages and starts reading after skipping few pages, will that count? There are many similar questions about a computer deciding the meaning of ‘read’. But that part is another matter. Here is a problem that is created on the assumption that people buy books to read from page one to last. The fact is that this proposition is true only of fiction books.

Effect on research books:

Medicine, law and Science are foremost research subject. In research there is a long chain of history and a conclusion. Unlike fiction in which people read to pass time, most people by research book to reach at conclusion. They are not concerned with the process through which conclusion was reached. But as it is, readers pays for entire research. Not just for the page on which conclusion is reached.

About law books:

Law Books

Law books are reference books. Continue reading

Jawahar chacha in 2013.

Every 14th November is celebrated as Children’s day inĀ  India. It is birth day of late Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru. The best part is that there is no study in schools. This certainly is a fun for children. Why and how the late Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru came to become chacha Nehru is not clear but does not matter. It is however said that he used to emphasize the need to protect children and raise them as future of country. The family of chacha Nehru has taken it most seriously and every child in their family is treated as rightful future Prime Minister of the country. Better still, nobody ever had to work for living.
I was however wondering if there is an after life and I could find a way to send an email by hacking into network of afterlife, what would I write to great grand dad of this generation?
Here is my effort: Continue reading

Dongri to Dubai: a review.

This is a book in non-fiction category and is claimed to be a chronicle of underworld criminals in Bombay/Mumbai. While writing style and language is good yet I could not continue beyond 50 pages. The book resembled more to criminal gossip magazines which base their stories on versions of police or complaints to police. However in this book that reference is also missing. Continue reading

Digital Fortress by Dan Brown

Digital FortressDigital Fortress by Dan Brown

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I had read it long time ago. But I gathered my thoughts on it recently on GoodReads.

Dan Brown has same story structure. Though it was published as second Novel, it appears that First one ‘Da Vinci Code’ was a sub plot of this novel which was hived off and published first. The fast paced script is hall-mark of Dan. He does not believe in wasting time in character build up except the lead lady whom he writes with same awe as he has for his lady-love in personal life. Not bad to read. But disappointing if one has read the ‘Da Vinci Code’. Both plots are similar.
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