कुछ चर्चा हिन्दी में और हिन्दी के बारे में।

If you do not know Hindi, do not bother, everything here is only about depletion of standards of Hindi language.

मैं और हिन्दी:

हिन्दी मेरी मात्र भाषा नहीं है । मेरे माता पिता आपस में पंजाबी में बात करते थे परन्तु हम बच्चों से हिन्दी में बात करते थे । मज़े की बात यह है कि पंजाबी मैंने दोस्तों से हाई स्कूल में सीखी । मैं अपने को कोई हिन्दी प्रेमी नहीं कहूँगा । मुझे संसकि्रत और उर्दू ज़्यादा आकर्षित करती है । परन्तु लुप्त होती हिन्दी के बारे में कोई चर्चा ना देख के मुझे ही पहल करनी पड़ रही है । मज़े की बात यह है हिन्दी मे टाईप करना आईफ़ोन के कुंजीपटल के कारण संम्भव हो पाया है।

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Amity School of Engineering and Technology, Bijwasan, Delhi

A College or Museum.

Amity School of Engineering and Technology is situated at urban village of Bijwasan, near Dwarka, Delhi. It is affiliated with GGS Indraprastha University of Delhi.

Presently Colleges and Universities in India have no rating or ranking system in India. Therefore the reputation is often weighed on the basis of merit cut off of students and placements.
However the first impression is often the last impression. Amity as an Engineering College also offers Courses in Computer Science and information technology. The website of Amity lists the configuration of computers in its lab on its website.

The most modern computer is listed as 266 MHz speed with 32 MB RAM and 5 GB Hard disk. That was the configuration which stopped rolling out of factories in year 2000 if not earlier.

Yes the lab if it has such computers is a museum. Because these machines existed only before Window XP came into being. Of course headless Linux can run on these ancient machines.
So is it true that this College has these ancient machines and are actually teaching on these machines?

FYUP: Did UGC defrauded students of DU?

Flip Flop by Delhi University on FYUP!

Delhi University scrapped Four Year Undergraduate Program!

A year back, Delhi University had started B.Tech and BMS Courses as Four Year Undergraduate Program. Now after the program had run one year, if was forced to scrap it. As a compromise the existing students will go on to complete the four-year course and would get their degree. The larger question is what shall be worth of such degree? Presumably nothing.

Delhi University Four Years Under Graduate Program Brochure 2014

Delhi University Four Years Under Graduate Program Brochure 2014

Dictate of UGC under the watch of Government.

Delhi University had started B.Tech and BMS Courses as Four Year Undergraduate Program last year and this year i.e. 2014, it had planned to increase the duration of all its undergraduate courses to four years. The move to scrap all the courses came under the dictate of University Grant Commission which claimed that four-year undergraduate program (FYUP) was in conflict with the National Policy of Education. This policy was first framed in 1968. It was changed and reframed in 1986 and was last amended in 1992. The link provided above is last version of the said policy published in 1998 and is official version of Government. It appears UGC is reading something in Policy which is not there. Let us read what these policies laid down.

1968 Education Policy:

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Disconnect between knowledge, education and living

What it should feel being alive?

What is education?

Ability to read and write? Ability to acquire skill? Ability to make a living? Ability to live life without perturbation? What is it? A graduate or even post-graduate can’t answer this question. I asked many. An educated having acquired a degree in philosophy has no answer of his own. The views crammed in the course of acquiring education are no answers.

What is knowledge?

Knowledge is a fleeting boom. It is the last kiss of springs. It is last goodbye of fall. An adieu to observation. It needs to be renewed every season. And that season happens to be every day.

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Learning curve in humans

Ego, self-knowledge and Learning

What is learning?

Learning involves three things:
1. Knowing the extent or boundary of our knowledge;
2. Understanding the sphere of our ignorance;
3. Transcending the above two when actually receiving the knowledge.
The last part is tricky and that is the reason as to why some people have sharper learning curve than others. Here we are going to deal with this aspect a little more.

Hindrance by ego or self perception:

Learning curve is closely associated with ego and self-knowledge. What is ego? Is it not a label given by psychologists? Actually it is worse than that. Ego is our perception of ourselves. We call a person egotist if that person has a very high opinion about him/herself. Narcissus is the name for even more egotists. But what is this perception of self? Is this the self-knowledge or something different? Continue reading