Quora policy of denying advertisement of political books.

Newspapers as new Brahmins:

Election Commission of India has mandated that no political advertisement would be permissible without proper KYC (Know Your Customer). Similarly Government of India has also called upon the Social Media Platforms to ensure that their platform is not used to influence public opinion. In this background I recently published my first political book: India 2019: Will Narendra Modi Win?: (A political analysis of democracy in India) Kindle Edition

I approached Quora for advertisement of book and the campaign was automatically blocked. I sought a review with following request:

“The ad does not promote any political party. It relates to political analysis of elections of India. Please check the sample of book. Therefore it does not fall under the restriction of ECI. Further I have clearly declared that I am not related to any political party. Pleas review and approve.”

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Axis Bank and high-handedness in charging for neft transaction.

Unauthorised debit by Axis Bank and refusal to reply!

Axis Bank is a direct subsidiary of Reserve Bank and first private Bank in public sector. Well that is the dichotomy. It is therefore supposed to be fairer than private players but it appears, it is not.

A Bank account is like trust account. Banker is the trustee of customer’s money in the account. Axis Bank has been my Bank of choice for past decade. Recent tryst with Kotak Bank reaffirmed that choice. However of late Axis Bank is becoming the corporate monster that are many busy in stealing small funds from millions thereby making millions.

Charging for NEFT transaction:

NEFT is an acronym for National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) which is an Indian system of electronic transfer of money from one bank or bank branch to another. As per my knowledge transfer of 2 lacs or two hundred thousand is made without any charges. However my account was debited with a miniscule amount towards NEFT charges, recently which surprised me. Hence I tweeted about it and as advised by Axis Bank’s twitter handler, I sent an email to Axis Bank.

My email to Axis Bank:

Dear Sir

I have two issues:
1. The NEFT transactions are being delayed too much. I transferred Rs.899/- *** on xx Oct. 2015 but it has not been credited in beneficiary account till date. The beneficiary is my credit card account with *** Bank.
2. Neft has no fee. Some times in the past I have found small amounts of Rupee or two and odd being debited in my account as NEFT charges. Why?
Kindly revert ASAP.

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Volkswagon to change cheater software

Honest software to replace cheater software.

Computers do not lie. So we are told. Here is an example demonstrating exactly opposite. Computer does what it is instructed to do. It has no notions of true or false or right or wrong. In this era of mass management of businesses, not just logistics, this event is a landmark to ponder over possibilities of mass deception by computers rather through computers. Blindly trusting results produced by computer without cross checking with human test must be deprecated. It must be mandatorily carried out frequently on random sample. When I say this I am not talking about emission control only. What if similar boosting effect is applied in a computer used in medical diagnostics?

Coming back to Volkswagen, does replacing the software solve the problem? Why cheater software was installed in the first place?

The obvious answer to second question is: because the vehicle did not meet emission norms, cheater software was installed. This begs the first question and answer would be emphatic NO. Continue reading

ebay.com what a waste of time?

ebay.com is run by computers and robot like humans!

A short review of ebay.com:

I opted to purchase something on ebay.com and checked out as guest. I was asked all the details and in the end I had to enter confirmation code sent on my mobile phone. For 30 minutes, I did not receive SMS, I tried – it. Yet no response. I left the page. After a while I tried to register afresh but it would say, invalid email At this point I sought help from their chat. This is the waste of time but it is hilarious. If you know anything about computers, You will ROFL, at the solution and would wonder how ignorant can be the employees of such big corporations like ebay.com. And I wonder if success now need only one talent, attract people in herds. Few fools would always pay.

Bottom line is: Can you trust ebay.com with money when it offers no help on a minor issue of registration??

Bhagyashree J.
Thank you for contacting eBay Live Help. My name is Bhagyashree, How may I assist you today?
I have completed registration but I am not receiving the confirmation code to my mobile. Tried resending several times.
Bhagyashree J.
Oh, so sorry to hear that.
Can you proceed by sending code on email?