British India’s announcement to maintain peace with India.

Keep a bit of India.

When the British were leaving India, Churchill insisted the then viceroys to keep a bit of India. (Read Transfer of Power Papers as extracted by Wali Khan in his book ”Facts are facts.”) His wish was duly complied.

To begin with on 14 June 1945 Lord Wavell announced a plan for a new Executive Council in which all members except the Viceroy and the Commander in Chief would be Indians. This executive council was to be a temporary measure until a new permanent constitution could be agreed upon and come into force.

At the same time, Mohammed Ali Jinnah, a non practicing Muslim, who was being cultivated as a Muslim Leader and sole representative of Muslims, was told to be ready for partition of India. According to Wavell, he feared a mutiny in Army and he prepared a plan to relocate all British personal to Karachi which was to be retained as British India under the British stooge Jinnah. The existing parties representing Muslims in Punjab and today’s KPK were sidelined rather forced to accept Jinnah as their leader, even though they were running popular Governments. This British India was named Pakistan.

In past 3 years, no dignitary from Europe and America has visited Pakistan except those in picture. Prince William and Princes Kate of England. But British has ceded their empire to USA, a long long time ago.

Pakistan’s is living on alms of west (read USA)

According to Wikipedia page linked above, the United States obligated nearly $78.3 billion to Pakistan between 1948 and 2016 (adjusted to 2016 value of dollar). Besides, the United Kingdom pledged £ 665 million to Pakistan from 2009–2013.

British Police

Now a Stoke White, a Pakistan-backed law firm in the UK, has requested the UK police to arrest Indian Army Chief General Manoj Mukund Naravane and Union Home Affairs Minister Amit Shah over alleged war crimes in Jammu & Kashmir. The request by this law firm is specially made in concern with Islamic terrorist Zia Mustafa who was killed during a gun battle between security forces and terrorists in Poonch district in October 2021.

This is not the first such complaint. Pakistan has more faith in British then it’s own. Here is another such demonstration:

National Security Policy

This British India aka Pakistan has recently admitted that it has no National Security Policy. Recently National Security Adviser Moeed W. Yusuf who is also a citizen of USA has announced Pakistan’s first-ever National Security Policy. It covers a period between 2022 and 2026, and has elaborated plans to encourage two-way trade and investment with India, albeit without a final settlement of the Kashmir issue, With 50 pages of policy in public domain, over 100 pages are classified.

Ground reality:

Meanwhile 4 Teror Attempts were foiled in India last week itself:

5 kg RDX found near amritsar in a village

IED explosives found in Delhi, Ghazipur Vegetable mkt

Grenade found inside pressure cooker at Khawajabazar, Srinagar, Kashmir.

Police responding to Bomb threat under Railway line in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh.

A powerful improvised explosive device (IED) was found in Odisha’s Gajapati district.

Who appoints Army Chief in Pakistan?

Hamid Gul (20 November 1936 – 15 August 2015) was a three-star rank army general in the Pakistan Army. General Hameed Gul was former DG ISI and one of the most influential army officer of Pakistan in his time. Here he explains the role of USA:

What it means?

All the above information leads to several possible conclusion. First of all, in Quranic Concept of War (written by Brig. S.K. Malik) every treaty is meant to be a time gaining exercise to wage a better war on a future day as Jihad must continue till all Kafirs are dead or converted to Islam.

Another possible conclusion is that USA has asked Pakistan to halt it’s war activities so that the image of Pakistan as war rather terror monger may be made over so that it’s financial bankruptcy may be salvaged.

In any case this so called ‘Policy’ is not “worth the paper it is written on” and that expression is used by Najam Sethi, an eminent journalist from British India aka Pakistan itself.

Note: This does not deny the fact that India as dominion of British as per India Independence Act of 1947 was a British India on paper till it enacted a Constitution in 1950 and is slowly moving towards independence but that is another story.

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