Mughal oops Taliban takes over Afghanistan.

For past 1400 years there is one thing that Islamic researchers are performing diligently. It is renaming old concepts and groups with new decipherable Arabic or Persian words. Taliban is one such word. The invaders of India were Chugtai Turks but some how they were called Mughals. A fancy name indeed. Taliban has been created in 1990 to take over Afghanistan. For those who want to look into history, ‘live’ this is an opportunity to look how it felt when Mughals were invading Central India.

Taliban represent the same Islam which was brought to India by Babur or his descendants. They settled in an area near present day Delhi, then a small hamlet known as Dilli. The Mughal would import their horses and warriors from Mughalistan i.e. today’s central Asia. Today’s Taliban has same arrangement with Pakistan. America acts as the supreme Caliph.

Taliban in India

The Taliban has one less task. They do not have Kaffirs to convert to Islam. Though there is a small percentage of Shia (Hazara) who are being targeted in Afghanistan as well as Pakistan. It is often said by distorians (who distort history) often said as to how the entire population of India was not converted to Islam during about 250 years of Islamic/Talibani/Mughal rule. The reason is numerous heroes who dedicated their life to protection of masses. One such group was Naga Sannyasis.

On initiation, the Dashnami, as the very name indicates, is given a name combined with one of the ten words: Giri, Puri, Bharati, Van, Aranya, Parvat, Sagar, Tirth, Ashram or Saraswati.
The initiate has to make strict vows not to indulge in more then one meal a day; not to beg for food from more than seven houses; not to sleep any where but upon the ground; not to salute, not to praise, nor speak ill of anyone; not to bow to anyone but a sanyasi of a higher order; not to cover himself with a cloth, unless it were a bhagwa (brownish-red) colour.

A History of the Dasnami Naga Sannyasis

It may be noted that a sanyasi has to perform his own last rights so as to end his worldly life and enter into sanyas. They posed a formidable army and resisted the atrocities of Mughals who enjoyed killing, destroying temples and schools. Due to these unsung heroes no one after Aurangzeb dared to engage with them. On the contrary, Nawab of Oadh Asafuddaulah engaged their service as allies and later by Mirza Najaf into his service, not on any regular pay but with the right to live by plunder.

The aforesaid book by Sir Jadunath Sarkar was compiled about hundred year back and has now been revised. It is based on actual ashrams of these Sanyasi, which exist even today and the revenue records of Mughal period in which they were granted land to raise revenue therefrom and sustain. It was also to avoid plunder in the general public. Even though their plunder was always limited to food only.

It is an interesting book invisible to historians oops distorians. Do take a look if you have interest in history of India.

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