America’s future as an ideological state.

America started its journey as a colony of British and declared independence. It’s forefathers refused to make it an ideological state and therefore the constitution of USA created complete separation between church and state.

The transition of America from being a colony to an independent nation could not have been smooth without help from France which included financial loans.

However when France needed USA’s help it chose to be neutral in the war between France and UK. Again a sign of not falling for ideology.

The fortunes of USA smiled with second world war as the industrial-military townships produced the weapons and war machines which were sold to the UK for cash(gold) as per prevailing custom. After world war the Gold Standard was abolished in Bretton Wood Conference and USA turned out to be net beneficiary.

USA had developed interest in middle east for the oil long before the war. After the war it declared itself as ‘super-power’ to be ahead of the great powers as other industrial nations were called.

Thereafter it set its eyes on middle east to ensure that USSR does not get any foothold there. To ensure that, it conspired to remove ‘rightful’ rulers and installed puppet governments. Who so ever rebelled faced agitations from public or rebellion and his regime was changed. In doing so it became a staunch supported of ‘Islam’. This was first step of becoming an ideological State.

The second part came from within. The democrat party as a typical socialist party and also Republicans started distribution of bread crumbs to voters while siding with industrialists and later with neo-capitalists to ensure them a free passage from the state regulations. It helped its leaders make a fortune but it also needed to win elections. It did what left does.

It started massive campaigns on trivial issues affecting small minorities. The typical divide and rule. Feminism, LGQT, disabled, veterans and who not. By appealing to smaller segments it created small vote banks. To ensure the smooth thought process, it opened the academia and appointed faculties to keep the hipe. Thus it divided the majoritarian white approach of Republicans.

The revenue was falling short and bills for socialist policies were rising. The currency printing press was of great help. All non-socialist economists would not even get a job any where, lest they may open the secret that America was now drilling in the boat to keep it hydrated.

While economists used to churn out new theory every two decades, academia is struck with Keynes for past hundred years!!

Then came China. It’s sweatshops kept prices down and profits soaring. Jobs declined in USA but inflation was kept in check. But the honeymoon could not go on for ever.

Are you feeling the pinch of inflation now?

The huge rise in prices recently, is only beginning of a long term stress on economy of USA which now owes about 28 trillion in debts. Annual payment of interest could be about one trillion USD.

After 2008, all the nations have understood the economic bubble that is called USA and all countries have switched to other currencies and gold. To give an example China is keeping only one trillion in US dollars out of its reserve of 3 trillions. India too sitting on 620 billion reserve is keeping just 200 billion in USD.

This is a sign of lack of confidence in US dollars.

On top of all these massive problems, USA has decided to continue as an ideological State which supports:

1.Islamic politics

2. Communist /socialist economics

3. Socialist/woke academic policies.

The last one is responsible for not getting any ideas or plans to get out of mess created by first two. If it does not start to clean up its think tanks from the woke liberal thinkers, it will only plunge deep into the silt of bankruptcy, it has created.

It takes a long time for the nations to lose its strength but signs tell when it begun to lose it. The sign for USA was not in 2021 but in 2012 when Osama Bin Laden was found in the cantonement of a country which was ally of USA. Now what we see is full blown cancer all over the place. USA has decided to gift 80 billion worth war machines to this country.

The ideology that USA inherited from UK to use Islam and it’s terror networks to keep the countries in check, is nearing it’s shelf life and many leaders in USA acknowledge it publically even if in subtle words. But it seems large majority of people of USA are ignorant and are unable to compel its politicians to smell the coffee.

Though I wonder that if military contractors made 2 trillian in Afghanistan, how much did CIA officials made in opium trade which is about a 7% of gdp of Afghanistan.

BTW Afghanistan is a nice name given by British to the region. Any idea who suggested it?

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