Taliban takes over Kabul without firing a bullet.

The bloodless coup in Afghanistan:

The President and vice President of Afghanistan have left Kabul, perhaps for Tajikistan. Everybody is wondering as to what happened?

First of all the President Ghani and his coterie were all incompetent and thoroughly corrupt. USA had announced that Afghan Army was 300 thousand strong. Actually USA was paying the bill for that number but half of them were ghost. Government officials were lining their pocket.

Secondly, no money was spent to garrison the areas to enable the army to fight an invasion which was known to happen from beyond redcliff line.

Thirdly supply lines were too long and army officials had no or little relations with local villages and they nearly starved and run away when supply lines were choked by Taliban with clever help of Pakistani Army. (The American contractors making supplies ran away immediately after a few killings)

Fourth and the most important. In a war between two Islamic armies of same sect (Sunni in this case) if they are equally poised, it becomes a matter of theological debate as to who is more Muslim entitled to rule.

It appears therefore that Islamic authority ruled in favour of Taliban and Afghan army as dutiful Muslims were to obey Islam first and they surrendered.

Welcome to Dar al Islam. House of Peace.

To know how Islamic politics works, wait for my next book which is coming soon.

Meanwhile Mulla Ghani Baradar, a close buddy of ex president Karzai was arrested by Pakistan in 2010 and was released only in 2018. He heads the Taliban today.

There is one more point. The democracy either must have roots in general population. Merely a periodic election of President is not enough if general public is not involved. The USA does the superficial work, where ever it attacks. This result in a power vaccum. The same thing had happened in Iraq and else where.

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