The Monk who dismissed the Campaign of Media Mafia

The Monk vs. Media

Yogi Adityanath is monk and is Chief Minister of State of Uttar Pradesh as member of BJP, the ruling party. Had this State been a country, it would have been fifth largest country with population of 23 Crore (230 million).

The BJP and its allies have won 67 out of 75 seats of zila panchayat chairpersons. These are Rural Local Government Election which belies earlier claims that the BJP was a net loser in Panchayat Election held before the second wave of Covid. Zila panchayat chiefs are elected from among the elected members of zila panchayats. One interesting fact about these elections is that these were conducted by ballot papers and electric EVM were not used.

The fake media campaign flops.

For Six months entire Global as well as local media was circulating news that Uttar Pradesh is in doldrums and that Covid has gone out of control and that corpses are floating in rivers or are buried everywhere. The entire media acted in concert like a gang of Gangsters to malign the reputation of Yogi. They even invented a rift between CM Yogi and PM Modi as well.

It did not matter to the media that WHO praised the Covid Management of Yogi Adityanth and that it was appreciated in the Parliament of Australia. In Propaganda war, facts are irrelevant. WHO has posted the U.P. Covid Management Model on it’s web site here.

With corrupt Dynastic Opposition out of steam, media is the real opposition in India. It is duly supported by it English Media overseas.

Fake Farmer Leader exposed.

Another interesting fact of these elections is that Rakesh Tikait, the leader of Fake Farmers Agitation at Delhi borders could not help defeating BJP in his home town Mujjafarnagar 30 members out of 43 voted for BJP’s Veerpal Nirwal. Samajwadi Party’s (SP) and Rashtriya Lok Dal’s (RLD) joint candidate Satyendra Balyan, supported by Tikait got 4 votes in his favour. This exposes the fake leadership of Rakesh Tikait.

With these elections result the entire exercise of media has miserably failed. They shall have to come up with some new strategy for State Elections which are due next year. It would be better if media realize that it is not trusted by anyone and it must first restore it’s credibility before it may make successful propaganda, again.

May be it should talk about Kerala and Maharashtra, the two states which even today are responsible for half active cases and half of daily new additions. So much so the Central Govt., had to send a team to help Kerala.

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