“In The Line of Fire” by Parvez Musharraf, former dictator of Pakistan.

I have had started reading the memoirs of Parvez Musharraf yesterday and I am quite surprised. It is an autobiography which starts in 1947 when Musharraf was a toddler. It is surprisingly well written in the same manner as professional novelist write. In fact it was better written than memoir of Hillary Clinton titled ‘Hard Choices in which the influence of Hillary and Ghost Writer clearly overlaps and is apparent.

Ghost Writer and Lies:

Musharraf seems to have left the matter entirely in the hands of Ghost Writer. However it does not take away the natural talent of Musharraf to lie and deceptive. Read this paragraph from page 77:

” During the day I asked to be driven around the streets of the city. This was arranged in an
armored fighting vehicle for protection against the sporadic fire coming from the Serbs occupying the hills around the city. Saravejo was under siege. The population was hungry and cold, with no power supply and only subsistence-level food. The streets were deserted except for old men and women braving the firing from the hills to dig out the roots of trees that they had already cut down and burned for warmth. I was, however, extremely moved when people peering out of their doors and windows cheered me all along the route as they noticed the Pakistani flag insignia on my uniform.”

(In the Line of Fire by Parvez Musharraf)

Now imagine that a military officer is sitting inside an armored vehicle with its typical slit type windows and the people especially older ones could see two inch wide insignia on the military dress of Musharraf. Or did he assume in his megalomania that people were cheering him and not the UN vehicle?

Cover of Book

All dictators think people to be idiots but Pakistani Generals/dictators has such a conceited opinion about themselves which surpass all others. Imagine he is writing this fiction in a book which is supposed to be read and analyzed by others. Yet he did not desist from his antics of lying through teeth. But what else can you expect from the former head of a failed State.

There is another fact that this book was published in the year 2006. It was launched not to share anything but to build an image of a dictator namely Parvez Musharraf himself. Here is another excerpt from page 90:

“Finally, frequent visits of the Indian defense minister, George Fernandes, to the Siachen and Kargil areas during the summer and autumn of 1998 suggested that India was considering more offensive operations.”

In which military/spy manual it is provided that if a Minister of Defence visits, forward post, it is an indication of planning of attack? It appears it is only in the book of Musharraf.

On Kargil this is what he explains:

I went with all my family and some friends to the hill resort of Murree to relax over the weekend. At about nine PM on Saturday, July 3,1 received an urgent call from the prime minister informing me, to my consternation, that he was flying to the United States and that I should meet him at Islamabad Airport immediately. I drove down from the hills and met him at about midnight. He put the same question to me again: Should we accept a cease-fire and a withdrawal? My answer was the same: the military situation is favorable; the political decision has to be his own. He went off, and decided on a cease-fire. It remains a mystery to me why he was in such a hurry.

Hurry? In a war which was going on for several months? According to Musharraf the war with a neighbor is a ‘normal’ routine affair of the country. Amazing logic!! It suits a war monger alone.

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