News Media: The Global Mafia of Gangsters playing politics.

Politics over deaths:

Last year in April 2020 it was New York, overwhelmed with the deaths, it had the city’s permanent morgues and filled storage spaces in many hospitals to capacity. The Federal Emergency Management Agency deployed 85 refrigerated trucks to serve as temporary morgues. Since it happened in USA it was a matter of compassion and concern. There is a saying in India that a witch (dayan) too spares 7 houses in neighborhood. The media gang followed the rule. However the tempo of mismanagement continued till the elections in USA and suddenly after election there was nothing to report as head line in newspapers of USA.

India on the other hand is the new punching bag of the Global mafia of newspapers well supported by their henchmen in India, especially in Delhi. While these henchmen miss the States like Maharashtra, Kerala, Chhatisgarh due to their obvious leftist bias, they also always fail to mention that Maharashtra is still dealing with first wave which started last year and which never abated at all.

There is also no question asked as to how this Chinese virus from Wuhan is mutating so fast. Every few months it has a new mutation. It has never happened in history. How it is possible now? What is the role of China in this?

Here is a possible headline of a news about gross corruption which had never happened in India or elsewhere. It is the most glaring example of corruption:

” High Court orders Central Bureau of Investigation to investigate allegations of EXTORTION and ABUSE OF POWER against the Home Minister of Maharashtra, Anil Deshmukh”

The news was reported by all news media but was not given any prominence. Look at the allegations. It was alleged that Minister Deshmukh reinstated a resigned police Inspector to service and directed him to extort 100 crore per month from commercial establishments in the State. When the State ask protection money from citizen, it is the collapse of law and order. But yet it is not the news because the Government is supported by left. If it is a foot note news in India, it is no news globally. The fact that CBI has filed a preliminary report of crime, is also not a news. Just as the news about Hunter Biden’s shady money receipts from China and personal conduct with escorts is no news in USA.

Maharashtra faced the first wave of corona last year and it’s numbers never went down. Similar is the position of Kerala, Chhatisgrph and Rajasthan. All leftist Governments contributing about 50% active cases and deaths but no questions asked by media. In any case, elections in 5 states are over and results would be announced tomorrow. Hope that will end this besmirching campaign against Central Government.

Pictures of funeral homes:

Having missed the ten states which contribute half the corona cases, the media is focusing on funeral homes in Delhi and Noida in Uttar Pradesh. These media haunch-man do not travel far so they confine to near Delhi. They are posting pictures of packed funeral pyres and even ques of dead bodies waiting for funeral. What is hidden in the picture is one simple fact. Out of hundred funeral homes, only 20 of so funeral homes are designated for patients died of corona and there are about over 350 deaths daily in Delhi. So unless more places are designated, there will be crowded position. As to why more places are not being designated is a question to be asked to Arvind Kejriwal, Chief Minister of Delhi but oops, he has spent about 800 crores on advertisements on TV and other media so no question shall be asked from him. Not even the question as to why he revoked permission from an oxygen factory in Najafgarh on 20th April when oxygen was already in short supply. There are similar other questions of black marketing of drugs as well.

It is all about optics. Burning funeral pyres make shocking optics. The grave yards do not present such optics or may be there are other reasons, that graves are exempted from optics. Idea is to shock the people. To spread fear, to create psychological insecurity. Something that 01% mortality was taking away from psychology and made them relaxed which contributed to this wave of pandemic.

What they miss:

After using English as primary language of communication for all professional purposes, I would now support switching to Hindi/Sanskrit as national language. Why? English is a language of slavery. Thank God that most people in India, even when they know English, do not read or listen to English language channels/magazines. The global propaganda continue in English and echo in the editorials of papers like Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Guardian or CNN etc but it has no impact on the ground. They can draw head lines and believe it to be true picture but they themselves get deceived by their own falsehood. The local media emulate for the global mafia but they are a political failures because of the same reason.

This mafia failed in 2019 and will fail again in 2024. The leftists are openly calling for anarchy or revolt and hope that they may ascend to power on back of anarchy but they are poor students of history. A known and failed politician has no political capital left so as to invoke upon people to come on street, even under grave provocation. Something they tried in December 2019-February 2020.

With all these tricks, there is an anguish as to why Government of India is not taking any action on all this fake news but it appears they have a plan of their own and they want the discredited media of India to take down global media under the weight of their own discredited reporting.

If you think that use of words like gangster’s and mafia are an overkill, read an example of propoganda news publication here.

A perspective on Pandemic:

This picture puts the mortality of pandemic in perspective:

Having said this, it can not be assumed that things were handled perfectly. Far from it, every authority was caught napping when second wave arrived but that lapse is to be discussed on another day.

Please share your views.

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