India gears up to face second wave of Corona virus

It is official now. India is facing second wave of infections. Riding on the ‘Marriage Season” and gross violation of all protocols, the Corona Virus has hit India again. With 53,476 new cases and 251 deaths, the total infections rose to 11,787,534 cases which include 395,192 active cases and 160,692 fatalities, it is apparent. The number of daily infections has risen five times in less than a month.


The vaccination program of India and the world shows the total number of vaccinations so far:

First the front line workers were vaccinated. Thereafter the people above the age of 45 and with co-morbidities were vaccinated. From 1st April, 2021, all people aged above 45 will be eligible for vaccination. Present vaccination of about 3 million people per day would have to be scaled up by involving private players. Let’s hope that it is managed properly.

Many cities have been placed under Lock-down in the state of Maharashtra. The capital New Delhi reports 1,515 new COVID-19 cases, 903 recoveries, and 5 deaths in the last 24 hours Total cases: 6,52,742 Total recoveries: 6,36,267 Active cases: 5,497 Death toll: 10,978. Lok Sabha speaker Om Birla has also been tested positive and has been admitted to hospital since March 19, 2021.

The general fear is re-imposition of lock down but that is unlikely. We have to brave this wave with no cushion of lock down but isolated pockets will be quarantined. So what went wrong?

False Assurance:

Launch of vaccination program brought in a position of over confidence. On top of it the recent season of marriages has created a series of super-spreader events of immense magnitude.

In the meanwhile, we have to be careful for at least six more months. Stay indoor, as far as possible. Bath daily after returning from out-side. Keep mask on in public at ll the time.

Remember that vaccination does not work immediately. It takes two months for vaccine to be effective and at least 6 weeks that is two weeks after second dose of vaccination. Do not let your guard down. Be careful. Be safe.

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