DALDA desperate and flexes muscle.

National Investigating Agency has arrested Sachin Hindurao Vaze who is a police officer of the Maharashtra Police Force of India. Vaze is known as an “encounter specialist” with the Mumbai Encounter Squad and was involved with the deaths of as many as 63 alleged criminals. Vaze joined Maharashtra Police Force in 1990.

Vaze was arrested at 11.50 pm on Saturday, after being questioned for 12 hours by the NIA on the ground of placing explosive at the house of businessmen Mukesh Ambani on 25th February 2021. Imagine an on duty Police Officer working as a terrorist? The court has granted custody of Vaze till 25th March 2021. He is likely to be subjected to Narco Test, which is an euphemism for truth serum interrogation.

Let’s connect the dots. Ambani is publicly harassed, by one national political party repeatedly as beneficiary of the Govt policies without any details what so ever. Mobile towers of his company are vandalised in Punjab. Subscriber base of Jio falls to lowest in Punjab.

DALDA is restless and makes a move for taking control of situation and is preparing for 2024 elections. He needs funds. Maharashtra Government is in tail spin as it is unable to control Corona. Yesterday more than 18 thousand new infections were reported. Several cities are under curfew/lockdown.

Hate to mention rumour but that is all we got today. In fact a youtube channel also corroborated. Ambani was demanded 70 million USD as political donation which he refused. Hence this situation has developed. It can not be said what is the involvement of Maharashtra Government but remember Vaze is blue eye boy of Maharashtra Government. He had been restored in service after rejecting his resignation submitted years earlier.

We shall have to wait for final result. How could those who took decision to extort Ambani thought that they will get away with this? It appears DALDA has bitten more than he could chew. The offer would be a new Government with BJP but the question is will the BJP budge? Has the count-down of Government in Maharashtra begun?

Will Government of India make public the findings of Vohra Committee formed to investigate the nexus between politicians, criminals and gangsters?

Please share your views.

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