Why Government is not crushing the so called farmer agitation?

An interesting fact it when these farm laws were being debated in Parliament, none of those supporting it’s repeal raised a voice in Parliament. None. But agitation is never about reason or logic. It is a show of strength of numbers.

Experience from history:

A similar rather much more powerful agitation took place in 1998 with a crowd of hundred thousand farmers from West Uttar Pradesh and it was ended on 12 January after a shoot out killing 27 people. The political parties supporting today’s agitation were in power back than. Similarly an anti corruption agitation was ended by rounding up people in the middle of night in 2013.

The point is that if the Government want’s it can end this facade in the name of democracy any time. We also know that this agitation is heavily funded by abroad details of which are given here.

The Government has instead fortified the places of agitation to the discomfort of agitators and their sponsors. See below:

The tweeter is wife of Rajdeep Sardesai, an activist journalist who spread fake news on 26th January that a protestor has been shot inthe head by police. Another tweet from Princes Vadra:

If you have doubts about the support of Congress, see this tweet of co-proprietor of Congress Party:

The question however remains that why after the kind of violence these people spread on 26th January 2021 on and around Red Fort, Government did nothing except arresting about 120 people? After all the leaders had brought these people to agitate and they are vicariously liable for the acts of followers. Why?

It is always economics and politics:

Let’s assume that Government removes these people today. What next? What was happening before this agitation? The opposition had started spreading canards about vaccine of corona. So if these people are removed, they will find some other excuse to agitate because they can afford it. They have money to execute it. It is not easy to find people. Rumour has it that going rate for crowd is about ₹2000-3000 per person per day. Last year at Shaheen bagh it was ₹500 per person and just Biryani. Now there is round the clock tea, snacks, pizza, dry fruits, whiskey, rum, beer and of course lunch dinner and breakfast. An expenditure of about 5 million rupee per day. 66 days have gone already. Can you calculate the total expenses so far?

If these people keep going, sponsors will be shelling money every day and poor people, thousands of them will be in picnic for days to come. Hence these picnic spots have been fortified with nails in the road so as not to repeat the rowdiness of 26th January 2021. History is full of agitations but these do not convert into votes. Not unless some divide is created through violence which is being avoided by fortification. May be they should make new bypass roads too.

It is not the best move but this is what Government has chosen. To cause enemy to suffer by attrition of resources. The opposition of unelectables who fail in every election will be busy till they find something else to do.

Atleast this is what I make of whole thing.

Please share your views.

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