Abhimanyu had to die!!

Republic day:

Yesterday was 71st Republic Day of India. On 26th January 1950, India adopted a constitution which converted entire (almost) civilization of Indian continent into one country. It was the first civilizational nation with multiple cultures and languages.

Developments from last two months, had made it clear that yesterday was destined for anarchy. And it happened. One person (protester) died due to freak accident involving rash driving of tractor. The intention to provoke the police to open fire so that vast number of deaths may be shown as proof of fascist Government of India.

At the cost of injury to 300 police personnel, the situation was diffused. Today is the day of reckoning. Two protester groups have already disassociated with the protests and dissipation of protesters has started. Question is could it be avoided? After all if I knew it and was waiting with baited breath to write about it, everyone knew about it. Could anything be done about it?

Where is rule of law?

This question can only be answered by story of Abhimanyu from the epic of Mahabharata. He was the son of the third Pandava prince Arjuna and princess Subhadra (Sister of Bhagwan Krishna) During the Kurukshetra War, Abhimanyu fought from his father’s side. On the thirteenth day of the war, the young warrior was brutally killed by many warriors contrary to the dharma as one warrior at a time was supposed to fight him at one time. But it opened the way for Mahabhartha. It was a war but after killing of Abhimanyu it became a murder spree with tricks.

Gandhian legacy

But here is the problem. Has this Government learned any lessons from this protest or the one which happened last year. Far from it. This Government is playing the age old Gandhian game which has following steps:

  • acquiescence,
  • assent,
  • cajolery,
  • concessions,
  • cowardice,
  • self-reproach,
  • and surrender

On escalation lader, this Government has achieved upto cowardice. Now only self reproach and surrender is left. No arrest has been made even after 24 hours. Those who instigated on camera are free. The news reporter Rajdeep Sirdesai who lied that police had shot dead one person, is still free.

Inability to exercise powers, and surrender are the same thing with two different names. Abhimanyu must not die in vein. The mobarchy (anarchy by mob) must end and Government must show that it is not afraid to act. The fringe can not be controlled by reason or logic. It can only be dealt with by exercise of authority. Filing of FIR’s is only for public consumption.

Modi and Shah must show some spine and act.

If they need an example, they only have to look at Uttar Pradesh and Yogi Adityanath. Worse how Maharashtra could manufacture the evidence to oppress a journalist. But the Modi Government do not have guts to call Rajdeep Sirdesai to Police Station and ask him what he did to instigate violence.

I have a message for Modi: Do whatever you may, you will not get Nobel Prize. It is already booked for Biden and Harris.

They still do not give it to dogs and Indians unless it is a communist.

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