Surviving Pandemic and Preparing for the Health Crises in Future

The world is in a crises.

Human health is an issue. The longevity of humans may have increased but they are not healthy. Why people in old age has to use a walker and carry a bag of Urine and a diaper full of excreta? Modern medicine may have progressed in military science especially surgery but it has very little to offer for healthy living.

Pandemic from China

This pandemic from China has exposed the myth that good health care infrastructure is a sign of good health. The fact is that providing food is not enough if it is not healthy and does not boost immunity. But what is right food?

India had lowest rate of fatalities in this Pandemic and it is not due to squalor. It is due to personal hygiene and the herbal food which people of India take which is based on the principles of Sanatan Dharma and Ayurveda.

What are the core principles and how any person can take advantage of these principles has been explained in depth in this book. Sanatan Dharma is not a belief. It is a human science. This book explains this science of life step by step.

Not a religion:

When we talk about Sanatan Dharma there is a tremendous amount of intellectualization. There is this sect against that sect. There is this practice placed against that practice. It is made out as if the rituals define the Dharma. The rituals do not determine the doctrine.

Doctrine is diagnosis of the ailment which has been diagnosed. Now all these sects, practices and rituals are different experiments to deal with the different problems. Follow no ritual. Follow yourself and see what is making you unhealthy and even sick. Stick to the principles and continue with your own religious belief but do take care of your health. It is even better if you are healthy. Read the book and know what you are doing right.

It is free for two more days.

The practices which are prescribed with fancy names like Spirituality, Mindfulness or Inner Engineering are components of Sanatan Dharma. Just like Yoga, whose name mercifully remains same.

The obvious reason in renaming is two fold. One that religion is a politics without votes and Hinduism is wrongly considered as religion. Secondly the only ancient civilization which so far survived barbaric invasions and conversion war by other religions and which war is still going on, is not to be glorified as part of the war strategy. Hence no credit is to be given to it and what is borrowed from it is to be credited to Greek or anybody or anything except India.

But think about it. How WE survived? It has to have an innate strength? Should the world not study it for it’s own good?

The Pandemic proved the point for the world though spin masters are busy claiming that poor hygiene is responsible for the low mortality rate in India. As matter of fact poor have also died in the Pandemic along with those with co-morbidities.

In the matter of personal hygiene an Indians excel by habit. Daily bathing is part of ritual of living. It does not matter what the weather or place is but daily bathing is a matter of routine for every Indian. Similarly keeping surrounding clean, washing hands before eating or cooking, not eating from other’s plate etc. are the habits that are hard wired into an Indian. Add this to the habit of eating healthy nutritious and yet spicy food and you almost had it. But that is not it. There is more to it.

This book deals with core principles of Sanatana Dharma which give it’s people a long and healthy life without much need for western medication. It may save your life in this ongoing Pandemic.

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