Farmers, Khalistan and BJP politics in Punjab

The protesting farmers have called for Bharat Bund or lock down India today. Later they scaled it down to 4 hours from 11 AM to 03.00 PM. Apparently it has failed except where State Government has encouraged gangsters to force the shut down of shops. Why they did it? Doing something for the sake of doing?

As per reports a Minister in the Government was asking the shops to shut down, in Jaipur, Rajasthan. In Punjab, Petrol Pumps have been closed till 5.00 PM. Seeing their utter foolishness, it appears the credit of there being BJP Government in the Centre in 2019 goes to these people and they have determined that they will not let go of this government in 2024.

The so called ‘farmer’s agitation’ was called as apolitical. But now every party in opposition is supporting it. Kejriwal’s Party MLA’s are distributing food etc. to the protesters. These very farmers were agitating in Punjab for last two months and operation of the Railway had to be shut down resulting in total halt of business activity and revenue of State Government. Thereafter Chief Minister some how managed to relocate them to Delhi.


BJP got a vote share of 9.63% in the general elections last year. In 1998, BJP got 11.67% vote share and party won all three seats it contested. Party repeated similar performance by getting all three seats it contested in 2004 by polling 10.48% votes. Even in 2009, vote share was 10.06% when Navjot Singh Sidhu won Amritsar as BJP candidate. In other words, BJP was a small party in Punjab.

Akali Dal, ex-ally of BJP and Congress Party are two established parties in Punjab. Kejriwal’s AAP is a new entrant in Punjab which has allied with Khalistani supporters and allegedly financed by them.

The Sikhs are a religious minority in India but they make up just over 57% of the population in the small northern state of Punjab. The BJP was an ally of the Akali Dal in Punjab, but it is keen to come to power on its own in the state. Since last many years BJP is trying to win over those leaders who are angry with the Akali Dal, apart from running an ambitious enrolment drive for the state as a whole.


The seed of Khalistan was sowed by Max Arthur Macaulliff a british civil servant who after retirement converted to sikhism and translated the holy scriptures in an abrahamik manner intolrant to other religions. (The Sikh Religion: Its Gurus, Sacred Writings and Authors in 1909) He even added a prophecy that Sikhs would help British to continue to rule India. See page xix of volume 1 of above book. See:

Abrahamisation of Sikh ‘religion’ continues till date in the universities of USA as well as Canada. I found it out first hand in a mild argument on Quora where an experienced professor wanted to read ‘Har’ as ‘Any’ instead of ‘Hari’ in the name of Golden Temple which is called Har Mandir as originally it was temple with deities which were said to have been removed under the influence of Macaulliff in or around 1905. (BTW Shri Guru Granth Sahib uses the word Hari for over 8300 times.)

BJP and other citizens do not accept Sikh as a religion rather a sect of Sanatan Dharma (Hinduism). Khalistani dispute it without entering into any intellectual debate and contrary to their own scriptures. The folly of this approach is that the number of Khalsa (turban wearing on long hair) Sikhs are declining globally and many families distance themselves from the hard liner fundamentalists.

In last few years the central government slashed the number of Khalistani on an official ‘Black List’ of those who are unwelcome in India, from 312 to two. As a result these black-listed Khalistani, who have settled abroad, would be able to come to India. This development even more interesting in the face of the fact that Keriwal’s AAP is wooing these very separatists.

Membership drive

BJP, for the last two years has increased it’s drive to increase membership. On 7th December 2020, it laid a foundation stone to an office building in Amritsar. These the typical ways in which BJP starts an election campaign. The Hyderabad election result announced recently is an evidence of that fact. It is working hard to spread in the masses though foot work on the ground by going door to door, discussing problems and enrolling new members.

The Agitation Helps BJP:

This agitation has demonstrated that Congress which is in power in the State of Punjab has lost it’s popularity. It is also true due to it’s worst performance during pandemic. The other party i.e. Akali Dal is already unpopular in the State who lost elections last time and has failed to put forward a new narrative. In the absence of a strong Opposition party, a weakened Akali Dal and disrupted Aam Aadmi Party state unit a popular BJP have cleared its way to power in the 2022 Assembly election.

With this agitation, which serve the interest 50000 market committees of Punjab, at the most one million people may be affected but that is a minuscule number considering that the population of Punjab more than 30 million. With this agitation, all the three parties opposing BJP have taken a stand by which they appear similar. This can only be a boon come true for BJP. No wonder it is so pleased with the agitators and is showing no urgency in dealing with the agitators. After are picketing on the border affect the actual farmers of Punjab more as Delhi is the trading house of entire north India. Khalistani will make sure that entire majority of Punjabi unite behind BJP which alone has taken the firm stand against Khalistanis. This factor had helped incumbent Chief Minister last time.

They stooped to conquer.

[Note: All the facts can be verified by doing a google search.]

Added on 9 December 2020:

As if a confirmation was needed for BJP’s Punjab ambitions. This morning I have received an email from Piyush Goyal, Minister of railway with this message:

This email is not sent by MyGov portel of Government but by Ministry of Railways to IRTC customers all over India.

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