The war in Maharashtra is picking steam!

It is very rare to find the government in a state acting in a manner which seems to be aligned with the drug mafia. But it is all too apparent in Maharashtra.

Many months ago I had pointed out that a war had broken out in Maharashtra between the central government and the drug lord named as DALDA in a fictional work. According to this fictional work the dalda is also a prominent politician. I’m not sure if this politician is from Maharashtra but the DALDA has tremendous influence over the Government of Maharashtra. Look at the recent sequence of events.

Rhea Chakraborty and her brother the alleged Drug peddlers are arrested. Riya gets bail after about several weeks but his brother is still in judicial custody.

In retaliation, Maharashtra government withdraws the general consent given for investigation by Central bureau of investigation.

The republic TV plays active role in debates over drug use in Mumbai movie industry and its owner editor Arnab Goswami is arrested. Bail is denied by High court but he is released by supreme court on personal bond.

Firoz Nadiadwala and his wife arrested for possession of drugs.

Comedian Bharti and her husband is arrested day before yesterday by Narcotics Department and it gets bail from the court yesterday.

Remembering Kashmir in Maharashtra:

A team of narcotics department goes out to raid the promises of a drug peddler but meets resistance and group of 60 miscreants attack them resulting in serious injuries on several officers. Something like this has not happened in a long long time in India, except Kashmir. Apparently the crowd which attacked was prepared for it.

Money laundering operations:

Today enforcement directorate which is in charge of money laundering offences reddit 10 premises of ruling party Shivsena’s MLA Pratap Surnaik. ED has recovered huge attachment of documents and computers from the premises and both sons of MLA in charge of the businesses are presently in custody to explain the books of accounts.

A short reminder is necessary here that the under money laundering laws a person in possession of huge properties has to explain as to how how that person acquire the properties and what is the source of income. Unlike the old anti corruption law here the burden is on the the owner of property.

War with DALDA:

Do you still think that this is not a war going on between the centre and the state it? Let me make another disclosure. In the raid of ED, the police is completely kept out and Central reserve police force has been used by the ED. This shows the level of distrust between the central government and the state government.

Like Kashmir, another operation cleanup has started in Maharashtra. It will go on for sometime but it is picking steam.

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