Queen’s gambit by Arnab Goswami missed by all.

Today is third day of Arnab in prison. The arguments are continuing in Bombay High Court. Yes it is still called Bombay High Court and not Mumbai. The arguments today commenced at 12 noon and are still continuing. Conspiracy theories are being hurled on social media. But that is ignorance.

Habeas Corpus

It was pointed out yesterday, that Arnab is pursuing habeas corpus petition before division bench of High Court seeking quashing of proceedings and by way of interim order he has sought interim bail.

Regular Bail

If Arnab had sought regular bail, it was ten minute job. He would have been out by now. He could have filed the petition seeking quashing of proceedings later or simultaneously but he has chosen to sacrifice himself to press this petition.

Early hearing

The fact that High Court is hearing this matter today on a Saturday when court hearings do not take place ordinarily, the gambit is working. Otherwise this petition would have been posted for hearing in ordinary course, which could mean anything. With Arnab inside prison and matter of liberty at stake, the Court is forced to take up this matter.

Effect of Quashing.

If the court decides today and quash the proceedings, it will be a very big boost for Arnab. Advertisements are already pouring in on his channel and it has hit the roof. Armed with this order of quashing he would come out as victor and Government would be in a pathetic position of oppressor.

Spending few nights in prison (isolation centre) is the price for an early hearing which Arnab has chosen to pay. If the proceedings are quashed today or in a few days, it would be a historic case where it has so happened in such short time.

That is the queen’s gambit. Paying with personal liberty for an early hearing.

Merely because High Court did not grant interim relief of bail today does not change the picture. More days Arnab will stay in prison, bigger victim he will become.

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