Arnab Goswami arrested.

Finally it has happened. Maharashtra Police entered the house of Arnab Goswami, Editor of Republic TV and arrested him to early morning. He was allegedly assaulted too. Everything was executed in the inhuman manner forewarned by Supreme Court not to be resorted. But Governments are evil. All Governments are inherently evil. With monopoly of violence a Government Machinery when not in check can be brutal. With an editor like Arnab who was openly challenging the Government and Police Commissioner in his daily TV show, it was bound to happen. It had to happen as Rule of Law is as good as the human being, guardians of it. Rule of law is threatened by left leaning riots even in USA.

Hurt Egos and an incompetent Chief Minister:

Maharashtra is being ruled by three party coalition of people of hurt egos. Their egos is hurt by formation of Government itself as it is compromise between fire and ice. The Congress Party is now ideologically extreme Leftist and Islamist Party and it is in power in Maharashtra. The Government of Maharashtra is headed by a Chief Minister who has never held any administrative post including that of a Class Monitor. His time in office highlights that there must be a provision in the Constitution in which a person who has never held administrative positions must not be permitted to be appointed as head of Government directly.

The lame duck Government of three parties is led by a an Shrewd Octogenarian politician who is pulling strings from behind the curtain to ensure that whatever popular image, the Chief Minister has, is destroyed. Police high handedness, killing of ascetic priests and stalling investigation, harassment of popular actresses, highhanded destruction of her house, harassment of journalist by summoning them en masse and making them sit in police station for upto 12 hours and now a high handed arrest of a journalist in full display of public is all aimed to kill two birds with one stone. One bird is Chief Minister’s reputation as leader of masses which he never was but had inherited the goodwill of his father. Now that goodwill is gone.

Making of Messiah:

Arnab Goswami‘s Republic TV had TRP of over 78% when it’s competitors were caught cheating on TRP. His Hindi news Channel Republic Bharat had highest rating of just below 30%. Now with the arrest he is a new messiah of bold journalism. The competitors with glued lips will be the worst hit as failure to speak up for colleague will only hurt their credibility. If I could see arrest of Arnab from last several months, I am sure Arnab must be knowing it too. He was challenging the Police Commissioner very day.

By the way the arrest has been made in a 2 year old case which had been closed last year. Details are here at Republic’s website. What was the urgency of arrest and why it did nothing for years together is something police will have to explain to court. About the validity of arrest read my books on the subject of criminal law, bail and crime investigation here.

The Union Government headed by BJP was playing some kind of long game. But the time has come for it to make a move. The circle of tyranny is complete. It’s ex Chief Minister of Maharashtra had foretold that the present Government may last only till November. The BJP may make a move immediately after the 7th November when last leg of elections in Bihar may be over.

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