The aggravated virus of violence in human mind.

Human mind is a mystery. It’s belief system is even more mysterious. Human mind’s blindness to the obvious is even greater mystery. Our ability to read history and learn any lesson from it is at the most palpable. The lust for power of the few is obvious and rest following them to their graves is perplexing. The story of magician playing flute in the streets of Venice to take away rats or children seems fictional even when the scene is playing right before our eyes and people come on streets to demand something which is impossible and end is a fall from cliff.

Human civilization can not be turned backward. Some pockets can be taken to the past but now the demand is to return to the dark ages. An era of supremacy of one community identified by religion. Politicians in their lust for power without responsibility promote this politics of identity. They refuse to see that the France which is under attack by these religious leaders was once friendly towards Capital of terrorism aka Pakistan.

Silence of lambs and foxes:

While people are beheaded in France and a girl is cold bloodily shot dead in broad day light in Vallabhgarh, India nobody comes forward to condemn the killings. When Kamlesh Tiwari was beheaded in Lucknow for alleged blasphemy. When terror organization use religious names for their organization, there is no condemnation. When members of political party i.e. BJP are killed in Kashmir by Islamic terrorist and in Kerala by communists and in Chhatisgarh Maoist kill Congress party, there is silence. Complete silence. This reminds me of following extract from the story called The Adventure of Silver Blaze by Sir Arthur Conan Doyale:

“Gregory (Scotland Yard detective): Is there any other point to which you would wish to draw my attention?
Holmes: To the curious incident of the dog in the night-time.
Gregory: The dog did nothing in the night-time.
Holmes: That was the curious incident.”

Beheading and victim card.

This silence of the masses of the Muslim community, which so vocal that it demand anything and everything under the sky by playing minority card or the victim card is too conspicuous. Now they are on streets of Bhopal to protest against France. Why it is happening in Bhopal and not in Bihar or Uttar Pradesh?

The answer is simple. Bihar is under elections which are happening right now. Disturbance can postpone it. M.P. is under partial elections and polarization is required. The protests are politics by other means. Uttar Pradesh is another curious case. But listen to this video:

Hindu is a communist Newspaper. Frontline is a magazine published by same group which has recently published it with an article titled ‘Hindutva 2.0″ on it’s cover with picture of Yogi Adityanath, the Chief Ministr of Uttar Pradesh on it’s cover. Hindu explains his rule:

“The Uttar Pradesh government has employed brazen, unlawful tactics, including extreme torture and physical violence, to harass and intimidate citizens, especially Muslims, who protested against the Citizenship Amendment Act last December.”

from “”

For the sake of argument let’s assume it to be true. For the record all the actions of Yogi Adityanath have been challenged in courts unsuccessfully. But assume it to be true. It raises a pertinent question:

What is the similarity between Uttar Pradesh, UAE and Saudi Arabia?

Think about it: “Iron hand” No more kids glove approach. Calling spade a spade. All those gangsters who lead this type operations of mass protests are in prison. All there ill gotten properties are either demolished due to illegality or seized by Government. There is no money left with gangsters to play identity politics. The back of gangster politics seems to be broken now.

With the cover article, Frontline admits that this brand of politics by Yogi is different. And it seems to be working. If that be so, it is going to be the boiler template to be used by other Governments, very soon.

The politicians may keep their victim card ready.

About Religion of Peace:

Here is a video in which Islamic scholars have declared on live TV that beheading for blasphemy is in accordance with their religion. However they were not asked why innocent people were killed and old lady beheaded inside a church in Nice, France. See the video:

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