Is this a declaration of war?

Chief of Defence Staff stops peace time activities.

General Rawat has made it clear to all the three Services that these are not normal times with troops as artillery and tanks have been deployed along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Eastern Ladakh. He has asked that all peace-time activities must be curbed at this stage.

“As situation in Eastern Ladakh can get worse any time in case of an accident, the armed forces must be ready for any scenario. It cannot be that while the entire Northern Army Command and Western Air Command are battle deployed in frozen condition, the rest of us can’t be engaged in peace-time activities.

The war-like situation in Eastern Ladakh:

It has been reported that directions have also gone to the troops to be in battle readiness mode in view of no major headway in several rounds of Lieutenant General-level talks between India and China.

The reports also reveal that Navy’s Marine Commandos (called MARCOS) have been directed to be deployed in Eastern Ladakh where the Indian Army is facing the Communist Chinese troops especially at Gogra-Hot Springs and Pangong Tso lake.

The MARCOS is being deployed with the Indian Special Forces to gain experience in polar desert conditions with high wind chill factor and heavy snow and be operation ready in any eventuality of war in the winter.

What do you make out of this preparation ?

If this is not war, what will make it? Presently the battle of both sides is with harsh weather.

Please share your views.

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