Now Maharashta has a Minister incharge of Suicide.

Maharashtra is making a new low in governance and has already hit bottom in upholding rule of law. When Police and Municipal Authorities act like hooligans of purpose rather than enforcers of law, it is anarchy written all over it.

Maharashtra’s inability to tackle Corona is old news.

Read about its dismal Covid record here.

Republic TV today stirred another sting at 10 am. This comes a the sting of Congress spokesperson Raghavendra Shukla, who affirmed that Maharashtra Government will ensure that republic tv is shut down.

Another sting by Republic TV:

Now the Republic TV has staged Nawab Malik, a minister in the Mahaghadi government of Maharashtra. He too is from Congress Party. In the sting, the Nawab is seen saying about the conspiracy against its owner Arnab Goswami.

The Nawab said that Arnab is bent on driving himself crazy. Nawab said, “I am afraid that Arnab may commit suicide.”

“Arnab lives in his own world, he thinks the system will run according to it. I am telling clearly, Arnab will be implicated. Once in a while, it will become a phobia for Arnab”, he added.

Nawab Malik is a cabinet minister in the Maharashtra government and an ally of Sharad Pawar. There is definitely going to be a lot of ruckus in Maharashtra on this matter. From what Malik has said in front of the candid hidden camera, it seems that the Uddhav government is trying to prove Arnab Goswami as mentally insane.

It thus appears that Maharashtra has a Minister for suicide as every suspicious death is termed as suicide. How is this possible?

It is the time now that the full report of Vohra Committee be made public and the links of Nawab abd his party with gangsters and Mafia are exposed. But wait a minute. Why now? There is no election around.

Incidentally local bodies elections are due next month. We can see that report of Vohra Committee finding its way to some media or the other.

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