Prime Minister Narendra Modi appeals to the nation to continue with Corona protocols.

English rendering of PM’s address to the nation dated 21st October 2020:

My dear countrymen!


We, all the Indians have come a long way in the fight against Corona, since the Janata curfew till today. With time, the economic activities also seem to have picked up gradually. Most of us are stepping out of our homes every day to discharge our responsibilities and to give momentum to life again. In this festive season, the hustle and bustle of the markets is gradually returning. But we must not forget that even though the lockdown has been lifted, the virus is still present. We must not allow the stable situation that India has been able to achieve in the last 7-8 months with the effort of every Indian to deteriorate. We have to improve further.

Today the recovery rate in the country has improved a lot and the fatality rate is low. In India, about 5500 people per 10 lakh population have contracted coronavirus, while in countries like America and Brazil, this figure is close to 25,000. In India, the death rate is 83 per 10 lakh people, while in many countries like America, Brazil, Spain and Britain, this figure is more than 600. India is succeeding in saving the lives of more and more of its citizens compared to the resource-rich countries of the world. Today, more than 90 lakh beds are available for Corona patients in our country. There are 12,000 Quarantine Centres. There are around 2000 labs for corona testing. The number of Tests conducted in the country will soon cross the 10 crore mark. The increasing number of tests has been a major strength in our fight against the Covid pandemic.

Our doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, security personnel and other people are serving such a large population selflessly following the mantra of ‘Seva Parmo Dharma’. Amidst all these efforts, this is not the time to be careless. This is not the time to assume that the corona is not there anymore, or that there is no danger from the corona now. In recent times, we have all seen various pictures and videos in which it is clear that many people have now stopped taking precautions, or have become too careless. This is not good at all. If you are careless and are walking out without a mask, then you are putting yourself, your family, your children, and the elderly in a lot of trouble. Keep in mind, be it America or the countries in Europe, Corona cases were declining in these countries, but suddenly the cases are increasing again, that too alarmingly.

Friends, Sant Kabirdas Ji has said- पकी खेती देखिके, गरब किया किसान। अजहूं झोला बहुत है, घर आवै तब जान। That means, often we become extremely confident that the work is done just by looking at the ripe crop. But till the harvest comes home, the work should not be considered accomplished. This is what Kabirdas has said. That is, do not be negligent until success is attained.


Until the vaccine against this virus is available, we must not let our fight with Corona weaken even for once. After several years we are seeing that the work is being done all over the world on a war footing to save humanity. Many countries are working towards it. Scientists of our country are also working hard for vaccine. Work is underway on several corona vaccines currently in India. Some of these are at advanced stages. The situation seems to be reassuring.


The government is also preparing to look for ways to deliver the vaccine to every Indian as soon as possible whenever the vaccine against Corona arrives. And the work on ensuring delivery of the vaccine to every citizen is being done at a fast pace.

Friends, Ramcharitmanas has a lot to teach. But at the same time there are various types of warnings. For example, a very crucial thing has been mentioned in Ramcharitmanas.रिपु रुज पावक पाप, प्रभु अहि गनिअ न छोट करि। That is, fire, enemy and sin; i.e., mistakes and diseases should never be considered small. Until these are fully treated or dealt with, these should not be taken lightly. So remember, there should not be any laxity unless there is a medicine. The time of festivals is a time for joy in our lives.

We are passing through a difficult time; a little carelessness can hinder our progress and spoil our happiness. Undertaking the responsibilities of life and being vigilant should go hand in hand; only then will there be happiness in life. Be mindful of social distancing or do gaz doori, frequent washing of hands with soap and wearing a mask. And it is my humble request to all of you; I want to see you safe; I want to see your family happy. May these festivals create an atmosphere of increased enthusiasm and zeal in your lives and that is why I am repeatedly urging every citizen.

Today I also want to request my media friends and those who are active on social media that the more public awareness campaigns you create to follow these rules the greater service you all will be doing to the country. You must support us and support the crores of people of the country.

My dear countrymen,

Stay healthy, move ahead at a fast pace and we all together should take the country forward. With these best wishes, I once again greet all the countrymen on the occasion of all the festivals including Navratri, Dussehra, Eid, Deepawali, Chhath Puja and Gurunanak Jayanti.

Thank you!

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