China shamelessly displays it’s jubilation over loss of Million lives

Global Times is the China’s Gazette addressed to the world. After all who in China has access to it and how many people can read English in China? It has openly admitted that it is enjoying the losses of lives and chaos on account to the Chinese Virus it effectively spread around the world. It’s Glee as well as crookedness is so apparent that one can almost see the smirk on the face of Eleven Jingping . First read the caption under the picture of USA President and First Lady with Xitler couple:

“Goodwill message from Xi to Trump shows major country attitude despite rivalry

Notice the words in Bold. But first tell me in which civilized world, sending a get well soon message is a great deal? Only in some tribal country which is still living in Might is Right attitude. That is the mind set of China. Why it has to write Major Country? Because it is a slave country of USA’s Corporations who use China’s sweat shops to make arbitrary profits. China knows that if Corporations shelve their greed it is nothing to be counted for. China is an estranged paramour of and pampered by USA. And notice the word Rivalry. Does Mandarin has same word for rival and enemy? It seems so. Actually for China, whole of world is it’s enemy except it’s lap dogs like Pakistan and North Korea.

But USA had it coming. Except motor mouthing by Trump and sending a dress rehearsal of war ships in South China sea, it has done nothing to China. Countries have been bombed for far less by USA but China is it’s darling which through sweat shops satiate the greed of USA’s Corporation who can not exist today without China. Of course China knows it. That is why this display of arrogance did not end on a courtesy message. In an editorial, the Global times attack the democracy of USA and competence of the President Trump without mincing words:

In today’s pandemic fight, it has become clear who our enemy is. What is also obvious is the necessity for global cooperation to fight the coronavirus. However, loopholes remain in global cooperation against the pandemic. With the strong disruption from Washington, political disputes have outweighed public health cooperation, which has led to more infections and deaths.

Although territorial disputes remain, countries’ impulse to expand territories has greatly declined. The traditional geopolitical struggle will drift far away from where people’s concerns lie. What people are most concerned about are the common challenges facing mankind such as public health security, climate change and environmental issues and so on. These must be tackled through joint efforts of all countries.

At this moment, whoever tries to divide the world is sure to be condemned in history. The Trump administration has failed to effectively deal with the coronavirus, and is dividing the world at the peak of the pandemic. What it has done will become a huge stain of this US government.

Global Times Editorial

Shameless Expansionist China

While China is shamelessly attacking neighbours at all sides including India, Taiwan and Japan by open incursion into their territories which also resulted in loss of lives, it has audacity to give sermon as well as a tacit hint that China can stop the biological weapon if the world cooperates with China. Following excerpt is from the same article. Read for yourself:

China is the only populous country that has effectively put the deadly epidemic under control. The Chinese people are going to embrace the National Day holidays, during which hundreds of millions of people will travel within the country to enjoy a rare moment to relax this year. This is a remarkable result of the Chinese people’s arduous efforts to fight the epidemic. Of course, China should not show off. But attempting to belittle China’s achievement, picking a hole in it is something driven by an unhealthy and gloomy mentality.

Notice the glee with which the word achievement has been used.

A Bankrupt Socialist World’s response:

Unfortunately the World is bankrupt and at the same time dependent upon China for trivial things like toilet paper. USA has deficit of 3 trillion dollars this year. Who will bank roll it? Europe is no different. Each western country running socialist policies has bankrupted itself. It has no colonies like India to fund these luxuries but it continued to borrow and spend on unproductive citizens for their votes in every election. Now it has no money to fight a war. They want somebody else to start the war and bear expences. Sorry India is no fool and so is not, Xitler.

Out of greed when it shifted it’s factories, it had no foresight to see that authoritarian regimes are diabolic. Out of greed world chose to ignore the sweat shops run by Chinese Communist Party. It failed to see that if Communist Party placed so little value on the lives of it’s employees, what value would it place for citizens of other country. In last 70 years China gobbled up three times the size of original China and World ignored it.

Karma is a bitch. It is upon you to pay back for your sins to citizens of China who died in prisons or sweat shops and in hazardous industries you did not want to run.

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