A new ‘medicine’ for Corona Virus Covid-19 being developed in India.

New type of antibodies:

Snake antivenom is a medication made up of antibodies used to treat snake bites by venomous snakes. It is a type of antivenom. It is a biological product that typically consists of venom neutralizing antibodies derived from a host animal, such as a horse or sheep.

A similar technology is being applied for corona virus aka Covid 19.

Antibody derived from animals:

The Indian Council of Medical Research in collaboration with Biological E Company of Hyderabad, have developed purified antisera, raised in animals, as a prophylaxis and treatment for Corona Virus Covid-19.


Antiserum is blood-based serum containing antibodies against viruses.

The therapy works like plasma therapy. However, the blood plasma is obtained from animal i.e. horses, that have recovered from a viral infection and found to have antibodies against the virus in their system. It is similar to the anti snake venom or anti rabies treatment for hydrophobia.

Antibodies from horses, known as equine antisera, have been used to control many viral and bacterial infections like Hepatitis B, tetanus, botulism and diphtheria etc.

The antibodies are presently in testing and more research would be needed before it is put to practical use. However it is a good news but celebrations have to wait.

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