Maharashtra Drug Probe: Arrest of Kshitij rattled high and mighty!!

Who is Drug DALDA?

Mumbai had a busy weekend. Centre of the news, the film maker Karan Johar has returned to Mumbai from Goa and did not wave in his usual way at the airport. Karan Johar is reportedly a close friend of Aditya Thakrey, a Minister and son of Chief Minister. Something is not right. According to a press release issued by Karan Johar he is not involved or related to Kshitij Prasad, an alleged kingpin in drug trade from whom huge recovery of contraband has been made and has been arrested and his custody was granted by Court, to NCB for 6 days on Sunday.

A Talent Management Company and its employees are already being interrogated and it has been revealed that it was actually a Drug Management Company supplying drugs to actors and actresses. The employee has not been arrested so far. Yet some of the actresses named by them were summoned onSaturday.

What is happening in Mumbai?

The highest paid actress of Hindi Cinema Deepika Padukone, was interrogated by Narcotic Bureau for 5 hours.Here is a video of her circulating on social media. Is she inebriated in this video?


Two more actresses were also interrogated. None of them was arrested and they were permitted to go home. Small amount of contraband was recovered from the home of one of them.

Narcotic Bureau Chief is in Mumbai:

The Director General of Narcotic Control Bureau, Rakesh Asthana has himself flown to Mumbai with additional officers and he has been holding meetings all day long today. What was so special to discuss? Why more Officers have accompanied him to Mumbai?

Unusual movement in political circle!!

Yesterday Sanjay Raut, the motor mouth associate of Chief Minister met opposition leader Devendra Fadnavis for slightly less than three hours at a hotel. The location of Hotel is interesting. It is not near the residence of either of them. This hotel was near the DRDO guest house where these officials are residing and where Forensic Laboratory is situated. Was any official present in this meeting? If yes? What was shown to Sanjay Raut?

Today Sharad Pawar, the powerful ally of ruling party in Maharashtra Shiv Sena met Chief Minister Uddhav Thakrey in presence of Sanjay Raut at the official residence of Chief Minister.

What is cooking?

None of the persons privy to the above meetings have revealed anything to press. The agenda of these meetings remain secret.

Investigating Officials seems to have stumbled upon something very serious. So serious that all political and bureaucratic big wigs have been taken into confidence before the next big move which is soon to be made.

The big question we do not know is that has NCB found the drug Dalda?

Drug Dalda is a fictional name, at present but it refers to that person who is controlling this drug trade in Mumbai or may be entire India.

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